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The BMTC has issued a special bus arrangement to Wonder Law in the wake of summer holidays. Buses run from Wonderland to various destinations.

Most people visit Wonder Law during the summer vacation. So, BMTC has made a special bus system. These buses will go to Wonder Law on a general holiday and weekend.

Buses from the city Hebbal, Yelahanka, Domlur, Electronic City of Wonder respect of buses to maneuver in traffic.

This word does not come to mind after experiencing some of the rides, such as fun activities, after going to a spectacular park-like Ou la la Wonder La-Wonder Law. Wonder La is one of the most famous amusement parks and water parks near Bangalore, spread over 30 hectares. It is located close to Mysore Road and is easily accessible from the central city. It is easily accessible by weekends. Wave pool, Vertical waterfall, dancing in the rain and play pools or lounge pool can sit on the tomb and float. If you want to play on the ground, you need to buy a separate ticket. There is a laser show for little enthusiasts or a concert show that works well. There’s something for everyone here that you can see. Lockers have access to playgrounds, hotels and some essential interior facilities for children.

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vidhana Soudha Bangalore

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If: From 11 am to 6 pm – Some crucial days are open from 11 am to 7 pm. Address: 28th K. M, Mysore Road, Bangalore Karnataka 562109 (MAP) :

All About Vidhana Soudha Bangalore

Six decades have passed since the government’s administration in the Legislative Council. Now the government has decided to introduce Vidhodha Soudha to people. Free access to the public is being provided this time. People can view testimonials, speeches, audio, photographic exhibits, and methodological architectures about proceedings in the Legislative Council and the two Houses.

Produced by documentaries on the history and assembly proceedings of two key directors Girish Kasaravalli and TN Seetharam MLA, six decades after Moodbidri’s construction. These short films will be broadcast in theaters and on TV channels.

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Former Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone for the Vidhana Soudha in 1951. The building was completed in 1956. It is said that the inauguration was held between 1956 and 1957, despite no official information about the dedication of Vidhana Soudha. Its diamond jubilee is celebrated this year.

Speaking to a delegation from New Indian Express, MLA DH Shankaramurthy said that the government would hold a series of programs during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. People will be left to look inside the procedure. Individual security is organized at this time. Usually, the public does not have access to the system. But this time the public will be allowed to enter the Methodist Church.
Silicon City, Pub Capital, Air Conditioned City, Commercial City, City of Gardens, Pensioners Paradise.

* Sridevi Ambakkalli has a

Terrific climate, drawing attention to the world of Bangalore Science-Technology. Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with shopping malls and skydiving buildings. There are no tourist destinations in Bengaluru making the revolution in the IT industry. There are several places where children should look for a large number of children in Bangalore. Here is the old and new confluence. There are some special attractions that are made for recreation and historical buildings built during the British times. Children can travel around Bangalore for this Dasara holiday. Children can teach a bit of history along with vacation.

Vidhana Soudha is a tourist attraction in Bangalore
Constructed during the reign of Kangal Hanumanthaya, the building has been completed four years to achieve. Methodist Soudha, built in 1954, is a landmark in Bangalore. The pride of Bangalore. Neva Dravidian style architecture. Four corners have four domes. There are many government departments here.

The High Court is a

two-storeyed building. It was built in 1867. The Gothic style is made of red and painted. Cubbon Park is near an entrance. There is a Central Library near the Court. Nearby is a museum. There is a collection of sculptures and coins, old paintings. Famous paintings are displayed at the Venkatappa Art Gallery. Here are pictures made by artist Venkatappa plaster of Paris work, wooden sculptures, and other contemporary painters.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden The

Tropical and Subtropical Trees, Plants and Glass House (1889) are located on 240 acres of land. The red rose is all year round in this garden. Lalbagh is the name given to the same reason. A flower show is performed twice a year and exhibits hybrid breeding vegetables.

Bangalore Palace was

Built during the reign of Chamaraja Wodeyar (1887). It is inspired by the Windsor Castle. Tudor style architecture. The towers, arch, green lawn, and beautiful wooden carvings attract tourists.

Tipu Sultan Palace – Fort (1791)

The soil was built during the Chakadeva Raya period. Haydar Ali then rebuilt it in Indo-Islamic style. Then it was completed in the time of Tipu Sultan. There is a Hindu temple in the courtyard of the fort which is a testimony to the religious endurance of Tipu Sultan.

Built-in 1989. The aim is to raise awareness about astronomy and the student and the public. There are two shows each day except Monday. Here you can watch the stars day and night.

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All About ISKCON Temple Bangalore

Bangalore, May 24: The dispute between Bangalore and Mumbai departments belonging to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has been resolved. The decade-long legal battle for the ISKCON ownership of Bangalore ended on Monday. Madupandit Das and Chanchalapathi Das have been severely hit, and the Mumbai branch has won the state high court. ISKCON Bangalore branch belongs to Mumbai, Madhupandit Das will be chairman and Chanchalapati Das will continue as Vice-President. But the ISKCON temple is under the control of the Mumbai branch over the management and accounting inspection. In the verdict, the rules that followed the Mumbai branch regarding the ISKCON Bangalore branch in 1998 are still in place today.

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Read About Lal Bagh Bangalore

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Since 1998, Bangalore and Mumbai branches have been fighting law at different levels of courts for the Bangalore branch of the ISKCON temple. On 9 April 2009, the 9th City Civil Court ruled that the Bangalore branch of the ISKCON temple belongs to the Bangalore Registered Society, chaired by Madhupandit Das. Chanchalapati Das is the Vice President of the Society, whose family members are:

Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. The Mumbai branch has appealed to the state high court challenging the City Civil Court’s verdict. The City Civil Court ruled that the division bench of the City Civil Court had ordered that the ISKCON branch was owned by the Mumbai branch after the Madhu Pandit Das-led Bangalore Society filed a complaint with the Bangalore branch of the ISKCON temple. The petition filed by Madhu Pandit Das and Vice Chancellor Chanchalapati Das Inde HC, ISKCON Bangalore branch, seeking a stay on the judgment of the High Court division bench. The trial of the petition filed by the apex court will be held on Tuesday morning.

Vaikuntha Ekadashi expresses the feeling that devotees come to seek God everywhere and stay with us. The devotees are praying for salvation. Look at the beauty of Swami. Vaikunta Ekadashi has two words, a Vaikuntha meaning Vishnu. Vishnu’s name comes to be known as Vaikuntha because Vishnu was born in a man named Vakunta in Chakshushusha. It is said by Narayana that the name of Vaikuntha comes from the Shantipara of the Mahabharata. Also mentioned in the Vishnu Sahasranama is the name Vaikunta. Special: Vaikuntha Ekadashi celebration, the importance of fasting! In Bangalore, many temples have begun to worship Vaikunta Ekadashi. The Vaikuntha Vedas were built in all the temples, and the darshan started at 4 am. Vision is allowed up to 10 pm. Special Vaikuntha Ekadashi Puja is performed in the Nana temples of the city, including ISKCON temple, Tirupati Tirumala temple of Vaikalival, Kote Venkateswara Swamy and Jepinagar Tirupati temple.

All About Lal Bagh, Bangalore

Lalbagh, Red Garden, or Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a famous botanical garden located in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Hyder Ali in Mysore ruled the nursery. It has a famous glass house and exhibits fruit flowering during the Independence Day and Republic Day each year. Apart from being a martyr and a lake, this is a tourist attraction in Bangalore.


In 1760, Hyder Ali proposed to construct this Botanical Garden. But his son, Tippu Sultan, completed it. Hyder Ali decided to build the park in the manner of the Mughal Gardens that he enjoyed during his tenure. Hyderali has planned to do this great botanical project, and his son imported plants and trees from several countries and increased horticultural wealth. Hyder Ali hired people of the best known horticultural community in this garden.
The Lalbagh Garden was constructed from the 18th century and years later, India has the first grass-clock and an extensive collection of rare trees in these suburbs. In 1874, Lalbagh had an area. In 1889, the eastern part was added to 30 acres. In 1891, along with a rock containing Kempegowda Tower, 13 acres and 1894 combined an additional 94 acres of eastern rock.

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The glass house is a Crystal Palace model in London, which was laid by Prince Albert Victor on November 30, 1898. It was built by James Cameron, the supervisor after the Lalbagh.

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There are four gates to come to the Lal Bagh Park. Their details are:

West gate

The gate of the west of Lal Bagh
It is located near the Siddapura circle. Walking through this gate allows you to enjoy the beauty of the garden. The outside wall of the enclosure is bounded by the wall of the compound wall. Another part of the road is the RV College’s compound wall. From the entrance to the National College, Maharashtra Mahila Vidyalaya, small mallalli and big malls. At the same time, Krishnarao Circle, Indian Institute of Technology of World Culture, Model House Street, Yudur Terminus.

East gate
This is a great way to park vehicles in this area as well. The Ashoka pillar is easily accessible from Jayanagar.

South Gate
Basavangudi can be accessed from the south gate.

North door
This is a great way. This is the only way through which the program can come. If you go straight to the Glass House, the large crowd of vehicles enters this route through large events. After the completion of the program, you have to leave this route.

A special parking system around Lal Bagh

Bangalore, Oct 10: A unique parking facility has been set up at the backdrop of the Independence Day celebration at Lal Bagh in Bamako. The traffic police have taken action to control traffic and traffic around Lal Bagh.

The festival will begin from Aug. 7 at Lal Bagh and will be held till the 15th of this month. Most people are coming to Lal Bagh in the backdrop of a three-day row vacation. So a special parking service has been started.

The two-wheeler parking system, which is located on the front of the Lala Bagh Waste Gate Circle, is currently being removed from the public’s good fortune. This particular parking facility will be available around Lal Bagh till the 15th.

Parking details
* Car parking facility on both sides of the road from Lal Wagh Westgate to Sheshama Mahal Junction on Vanvilas Road.

* Dv Chakravana Park can be parked on the left side of the road from Lal Bagh Westgate circle to Milk Booth Junction on NMK Rao Road.

* Car parking system from Milk Booth Junction to Nashik Road to Lal Bagh West Gate.

This unique parking system has started from Friday and will continue till that 15th. The particular parking system will be canceled after the completion of the fertilizer.

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Seven Tips You Should Know For A Good Web Design

The design is essential in all its areas. However, attention must be paid to the one that is directly related to the most attractive environment for Mexicans today, and that is according to the Study of Digital media consumption in Mexico 2010 of AMAI, 28% of the population spends 4 hours on average of the day surfing the Internet, when only 20% of the population spends 3 hours a day watching cable TV, which indicates greater mass attention and in time to the internet, the most used medium.

The designer demonstrates his creativity in the strategic and graphics creation of the web design of the sites of each brand, where he attracts his target market, a good design significantly marks the difference.

Here we show you eight tips in which the designer of the web area should pay attention:

  1. Create Power Of Trust Towards The Brand In The Consumer:

Tips You Should Know For A Good Web DesignGive the necessary tools in the content of the portal about the product/service, take advantage of the benefits, the problems it helps to solve, the more information is generated, the more confidence in the brand will have the target market.

Not only must we limit ourselves to making known physical characteristics.

  1. Create Structure Through Design:

Create graphics that can guide the viewer towards some specific action; this is handled by the attributes of color, size, and shape.

  1. Accessibility And Usability:

These aspects are so important in a web page because the audience can be frustrated by the expected time or the difficulty to navigate and leave running away from your page.

  1. Eye-Catching Visual Graphic:

The logo should cause impact, empathy, and identification of the target market with the brand, place it in the strategic place within your website (taking into account the strategic design in the structure), will call the action of entry.

  1. Mobile Design:

14% of the Mexican population connects to the internet from their Smartphone and the trend is increasing (according to the study of consumption of digital media in Mexico 2010 AMAI) which leads designers and creative’s to find the way to engage the audience with the mobile design, applications of interest that have as their purpose utility or benefit for the consumer, this generates a brand recall in daily life that becomes loyalty.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology:

With the growth above of mobile Internet users, techniques are also evolving; it is essential to venture into the new “screens,” it will generate novelty and interest.

  1. Simple Elements:

You do not need to put many graphics, the less, the better; the idea is a graphic communication that can catch the attention of the target market.

Some Web Design Tips For A Professional Site

Like fashion, website design is constantly changing trends and styles that come and go. When it comes to creating a website that gives a professional impression, you’ll do well to keep it fresh and within trends. After all, when you go to an interview, do not you want to see your best?

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If your answer is “Yes, of course!” Then there are five web design tips to remember:

  1. Do Some Ground Reconnaissance

Web Design Tips For A Professional SiteIf you are reading this blog, you are already on the right path. But you can take your research one step further and start looking at websites with a specific purpose: find out what you like about them and what does not.
Take some notes of what you would like to emulate on your site. Do you think that a long scroll page would work well with your website? Maybe you admire the approach that someone has used to develop their contact page. It can be something as small as imitating the use of an arrow icon that points to an important message.

2. Use the visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy, can you repeat it to me? It’s a term that means that our eyes pay attention in the web space to a particular pattern – a pattern that can help you optimize the critical content on your site. For example, if you create a “Register now” button, you may want as many people as possible to click on it and continue through the registration process.

3. Make your text easy to read

The text is important. It is there to provide information and answer questions even before you have done them. With this said: do not make your readers have to squint their eyes to read it. There are some basic rules that you can stick to that will make you and your content cleared.

  • Make sure your colors coordinate. For example: putting colored text on a white background will perhaps give the visitors of your site a headache, make them give up and maybe abandon it. None of these results are desirable – so make sure you check that all the text is easy to read.
  • Do not use a tiny font size. While it may seem cute, and just like in relationships, with the look is not enough. Make sure your readers do not need a magnifying glass to understand your message.
  • Keep your sources. Your website can not have more than three sources – maximum two could be even better. For the extra points, make sure that the sources you choose are easy to read and do not let your visitors wonder if they are learning Sanskrit.

4. Get The Most Out Of The Mobile Version Of Your Site

What good is a professional looking website if it is not professional looking on mobile devices? In today’s world, you’re welcome. Do not despair! The Wix website builder comes fully equipped with an intuitive mobile editor and is ready to be used to its full potential.
Make changes that keep all the above tips in mind and switch between the editor and the preview version so you can see the changes put into action. After all, you do not want to miss potential site visitors/ users/customers just because they are on the subway and away from a computer, right?

5 Key Steps To Build An Effective SEO Strategy

Currently, few entrepreneurs emerge without being aware of the importance of SEO for their companies, being one of the trends in digital marketing. Most of them recognize the relevance of search optimization but do not know how to act when developing an SEO strategy. Top seo services companies in bangalore
For this reason, we have listed the five fundamental steps for the development of any search optimization strategy (SEO).

  1. Create A List Of Keywords

Surely you have already noticed the level of importance that keywords have for SEO. All the Google search engine works through keywords that can be found in the content or text of a web page. When using words like “SEO” we compete in the search engine in front of many other pages that also include this term.
To be competitive, it is essential that all the keywords that are relevant to your company’s proposal are sorted and prioritized. Thus, from this list, you can produce content and adapt the website to these terms. Achieving so that interested people can find your site much more efficiently.
Tools like Google Ad Words Keyword Planner will facilitate obtaining keywords related to the value proposition of your company.
The process consists of taking the results of this tool and defining around 15 keywords with which your company will compete in the search engines. This is something that must be repeated again and again at the end of each month to adapt to the changing search trends.

  1. Build Pages Designed For Those Keywords

Build An Effective SEO StrategyThe key to achieving a proper web positioning is to create pages specifically designed to adapt to those keywords categorized and defined. Because creating a single page to achieve positioning through a single keyword can be an impossible feat, the idea is that through your keywords list you can determine the number of pages you need to create to adapt to your focus words.
It is also essential to take into account that when doing SEO the number of pages should correspond to the number of products or services offered by your company, as well as sections for important location and contact data, always taking into account the keywords. The interlinks, which connect the user to different parts of the page are necessary to improve user experiences, as well as the inclusion of content and photographs.

  1. Create A Blog To Attract With Content

It is not in vain that one of the most demanded trades today is that of content writing. This is because blogs have become the ideal way to generate traffic and position a website through the use of keywords. However, it is essential to clarify that companies must write for audiences, not for search engines.
In such a way, although the keywords continue to play an important role, the main thing remains the value of the quality of content that is published.

  1. Design A Link Building Plan

One of the best ways to achieve web positioning is through link building, a technique that allows you to generate SEO outside of your web page. It is also a factor of great importance for positioning since search engines take into account the traffic that is made from other pages.
Creating a link building plan is to think about how you can get the links to your page to other websites and places outside your digital ecosystem. This can be achieved by exchanging content with other blogs.
Other ways are to use the blog of your page to publish content about events and events of interest to all audiences.

      5. Analyze The Results Of Your Plan

An entire plan does not make sense if you are not able to analyze the actual results of the whole process. For this reason, it is essential that you regularly monitor and analyze the results of your plan. An excellent way to do this is by creating tracking tools in Excel or other platforms to verify the amount of organic traffic that is generated on your website through SEO.

Advanced Knowledge In SEO And Value-Added Services

As a final recommendation to identify if you are going to do or are making an intelligent investment in your SEO strategy, you should know what knowledge is considered more advanced in this area. best seo agency in bangalore

For example, if you have a team that knows all the features and reports of Google Analytics and Google AdWords correctly, you can rest assured, because they are two fundamental pieces in the project and have a lot to scratch.

On the other hand, there are more advanced tools such as SEO Profiler, which not all SEO professionals usually use, but which, nevertheless, is hugely demanded by companies to take advantage of their investment.

Also, some additional services also ensure the continuous improvement in the time of search engine positioning, such as:

  1. The regular contribution of updated keywords reports expanding the market in search of more and better business opportunities.
  2. The controlled monitoring of organic positions (both own and competitors).

2 Key Success Factors: Keyword Analysis And Link Building

Advanced Knowledge In SEO dAnd Value-Added ServicesOf all the stages involved in following an effective SEO strategy, those that I consider the most ” sensitive,” because of its strong influence on the results, are the analysis or study of keywords, as well as the actions of link building.

How to determine which are the most recommendable keywords in your market?
What keywords have you already used and which ones have you not tapped yet?
For what words do you have the possibility of competing and which ones are unfeasible given your high competence?

These are some of the questions that have to be solved before starting with an SEO strategy, and can only be answered after sweeping the entire potential market.

For this, it is necessary to have the knowledge and experience to understand the logical processes and search patterns of users, as well as knowing the target market (usually controlled by the owner of the business in question).

Now you will ask; ” And the link building strategy? Why is it so important? ” It is complicated because, in addition to requiring a settling time to start generating remarkable results, it also needs one’s capacity to negotiate with other digital brands willing to collaborate, as well as other factors. Among them:

  1. The behavior of direct competitors (what parallel strategies are being followed to achieve positioning).
  2. The effectiveness of the type of link (not all work the same).
  3. The kind of link that can pose a risk to the web.
  4. The relevance of the topics dealt with in the external pages.
  5. The word or phrase (anchor-text) from which it is linked.
  6. The organic authority of the sites from which it is linked.

These are just some of the most relevant factors that come to my mind, but there is a long list of others, given that each market is different and, therefore, each SEO strategy also.

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How To Identify If You Invest In Effective SEO?

If you have read this far, it is because you aim to implement a winning SEO strategy; You do not want to waste your time or your money. list of seo companies in bangalore
For that reason, before launching to ask for budgets or to eat the head with what plan you are going to start up, analyze the situation and define what economic objectives you want to achieve for your next 12 months of activity.
Do not impose your goals to a shorter term, because SEO is slow, and although it requires small, short-term goals that are taking work in the right direction, thinking further will motivate you much more when it comes to investing.
That said, do you think if we see what those tasks that you cannot go through without carrying out and what are the tools that you have to control to have everything well tied are?

Works To Be Carried Out Or Minimum Necessary Services

How To Identify If You Invest In Effective SEO?These tasks will be part of the investment to be made (either in time or money), because, as I always say, for a project to be profitable it must be sustained by a solid strategy based on the best available resources.

Think that a well-planned strategy is the one that contemplates:

  1. Web audit: this service is part of the main stage of any SEO strategy, in which the state of the domain is previously analyzed and, later, a complete audit is carried out to know where to act.
  2. The study of the market: to understand what the opportunities are based on the volume of keywords most sought after in the sector and, even, contemplate the possibility of expanding the target market in the medium / long term.
  3. The implementation and optimization On Page: with all the data obtained from the previous tasks of the life cycle of the SEO, the solutions must be realized integrally through web programming.
  4. The control of organic positions: here the power of the authority of the different internal URLs of a web ( PA = Page Authority ), as well as the home page ( DA = Domain Authority ), is contemplated. This notoriety gives the necessary strength to be able to compete in the SERPs or not.
  5. Obtaining monthly situation reports many of the tools that I will tell you later (or the vast majority), return complete reports to monetize an SEO strategy.
  6. The monitoring of the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual project: the consultants and the agencies are in charge of reporting on all this evolution based on analytical reports prepared. From this information, it is from where decisions are made regarding subsequent practices, as well as budget revisions.
  7. The generation of authority through methods Off-Page: among the most popular, the link building (more info in our post on link juice ), through which power is transferred through links from external pages. The most delicate part of this process is knowing the market well and knowing how to manage relationships with other web administrators.

If you decide to have the support of professionals in SEO, try to make sure that they will meet the minimum requirements and keep you informed of everything that is being done, as well as what is not working.

SEO is unpredictable, but the key is not always to wait for the success of each practice set in motion, but to know how to detect in time what does not work and that, therefore, will not take the project to the summit once the time has passed. Dear.

How To Implement A 100% Effective SEO Strategy In Your Online Business?

As an SEO consultant and experienced professional in carrying projects of this type, the first thing I recommend is that you consider what kind of tasks entails following an SEO strategy best SEO services in Bangalore.

If you do not know what you need to position your website and its contents, you will not be able to identify what you can do for yourself and in which parts of the process you will need to have a hand.

The Life Cycle Of An SEO Strategy

100% Effective SEO StrategyAs I have been telling you, doing SEO involves working on a step-by-step strategy. Here I leave you with them:

  1. Analysis of the domain, its relevance in the search engines, as well as its organic visibility.
  2. Deep audit of the situation of the web regarding SEO On Page.
  3. Analysis of the keywords used and study of the potential possibilities of the market.
  4. Integral optimization and implementation based on the data obtained from the audit and the market study.
  5. Follow-up of SEO Off-page techniques focused on the link from external pages that grant greater web authority.

Fundamental Tools To Analyze Your SEO Strategy

Another way to identify a priori if your SEO positioning strategy will be fruitful is to have useful tools for it.
I do not tell you to use them all, because most of them have a cost or require technical and analytical knowledge, but you can make sure you use the minimum necessary to make your web content relevant to the major search engines.
And how to know if the tools you are using enhance the relevance of your website and its contents? Very simple, because only, if so, you will be:

  1. Generating visibility on the Internet: you will receive more queries and feedback from users.
  2. Attracting quality traffic: users who land on your page through their searches will be those interested in your business.
  3. Enhancing conversions: as it is quality traffic, you will have greater possibilities of closing sales and projects.

It is evident that not all the tools available on the Internet are going to offer benefits like these, do not you think?

Yes, I know that there are many and not all are simple to manage (and here it depends on whether the work will do it yourself or you will have professional SEO services), but in any case, I want to recommend the most popular, known, and effective market currently.