How To Identify If You Are Following A Winning SEO Strategy?

If you have a business that you want to make visible on the Internet, you have many tools and online channels that could ensure the viability of your project.
For example, you can communicate through social networks, a mailing strategy, or focus on positioning your web content in search engines thanks to a robust SEO strategy, SEO agency in bangalore
I imagine that, whatever your resources are, you will not want to invest in poor service and focus your efforts on a strategy that has little or nothing to do with achieving brand awareness.
Therefore, it is not enough that you have technical knowledge about web development, a brilliant business idea or the best work team, if you do not have a strategic vision that allows you to achieve those web positioning objectives with which to take your business to success.

Implement An SEO Strategy

How To Identify If You Are Following A Winning SEO Strategy?Whether you are the one who starts it, or a professional or marketing agency that specializes in the subject, you need to keep constant control of how the project is evolving (because the results are not perceived in the short term).
Before you get scared and decide not to continue reading, you should be aware that although I cannot do all the work for you, with this post, my goal is to open your eyes and help you evaluate if your SEO strategy is effective.
I assure you that, with motivation, effort and, above all, business vision, you can earn a lot on the Internet ( in every sense of the word “win” ).
Do SEO on a website and follow a winning strategy, involves ensuring the naturalness of the content to respect the requirements of Google algorithms (among others) and secure a visible position in the rankings.
That which leads you to be located by the broadest possible spectrum of potential clients.
So, to get into the subject, we will see how to implement an SEO strategy in your business taking into account:

  1. The life cycle of a search engine positioning strategy.
  2. The criteria that you have to take into account to make a profitable investment in SEO (minimum services, essential tools, and advanced knowledge).
  3. Key factors such as keyword analysis and link building.
  4. Conclusions to take note.

Some Tips To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO Success

Panda, penguin, hummingbird. All these sound like cute and harmless animals, right? But if you know something about SEO, you will also know that they are just some of the many algorithm updates that Google publishes every year.
SEO seems to change every day: a long time ago you could include repeated keywords in your pages or buy links to improve your ranking, but now it’s an entirely different story, Best internet marketing company in bangalore

So, what matters when it comes to getting classified blog posts on that coveted first page of Google? First of all, there is a pretty strong statistic: Google facilitates more than 63,000 searches per second on a given day. Many potential customers are actively looking for something, and not only are people moving through social networks but people who want information about something. That’s why SEO is such a powerful marketing method. But just if it is done well. And, since there are so much jargon and misinformation, we’ve put together this list of twelve things you can do with your blog posts to improve your Google ranking.

Add Credible Reference Sources To Your Blog Posts

Some Tips To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO SuccessMost of us are not established experts in our fields, so integrating cold and hard data and information from reliable sources to support our points creates trust among readers and tells our teacher (sorry, Google) that we are providing good things.
Today, the quality of your content is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

Includes Attractive Images

Consumer attention periods are plummeting day by day (seriously, our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish), but there is one thing you can do to keep people in place for longer: include images.
It has been shown that images are more attractive than text alone and, when you add that to the fact that people remember more what they see than what they read, you have an essential reason to add images to your publications.

 Keyword Research

Google needs to know what your content is about and to do that, check through your blog the specific words that will help you get an idea.
This is where the keywords come in: these terms act as indications for Google, and say: “This is what my blog post is about.”
Keyword research is the first stage of optimization on the page and feeds all other elements.
Place the relevant keywords throughout your posts on the blog

Now that you have established the keywords, then you must place the chosen phrases throughout the publication of your blog in the places where they will have the most significant impact, both for human readers and for the readers of bots of the search engines.

Do not panic; it’s much more comfortable than it seems. You should try to include your chosen keywords in the following places:

  • The title of your blog post
  • The headings and subtitles of your blog post
  • The first paragraph of your blog post
  • The last section of your blog post
  • The title tags and meta descriptions of your blog post
  • The stories of the images or any visual element in your blog post.

Use Subtitles

Subtitles are the backbone of your blog post: they provide readers with an indication of what to expect from the next section and make their positions more easily scanned (remember, our attention span is now dangerously low).
But more than that, subtitles are essential for SEO because they help Google capture the key points you’re making in your publication.
Instead of facing a massive wall of text, the subtitles give readers the possibility to quickly consume the main points of your publication.
And, if you want your subtitles to be particularly compelling (both for readers and for Google), sprinkle some of your keywords to get an extra bit of SEO goodness.

Verify Your Link Structure

In addition to linking to other sites, you must also place relevant posts of your blog within your posts.
If you have already written a couple of publications on a similar topic, linking them will make your new writing more robust, because it shows that you have written about it more than once and that it is a kind of authority in the matter. In addition to that, your internal link structure (where a blog post links to another, etc.) is also essential for SEO, because it gives Google an idea of what your content is about.

Make Your Blog Post Easy To Share

Go through the links again. Getting high priority sites linked back to your blog is usually the most frustrating and time-consuming part of the SEO process, but you can do it more accessible by implementing share buttons. This makes it easy for other sites and brands to share your blog post on social media channels.

How To Choose A Good Seo Company?

Nowadays the Internet is very competitive, and without an adequate strategy, it is possible that anyone who has a website can never be placed or be ahead of their competitors. However, if you use the right strategy and take advantage of the services of a SEO company you can be sure of success. Top 10 seo companies in bangalore

Web development services are especially essential for people whose entire activity is done online. It is for this reason that SEO is the best way to increase sales. However, to achieve success, a good SEO services company must be chosen with great care, so that it can carry out the appropriate strategy.

How To Choose A Good Seo Company?

How To Choose A Good Seo Company?There are many aspects to take into account when hiring a good SEO consulting company. However, we can summarize them in three key points:

  • The first and most important is that we must be clear about what is needed regarding SEO, with this we do not mean that we have to know about the subject, but it is essential to have some idea of what the company will be asked for. You have to do a little research in this regard, of the terms used in the field, at least have basic notions. Otherwise, it will be straightforward for you to be cheated and cheated. For example, you must be clear about what and what are the keywords, what is the exact item that defines your business on the Internet, whether you need more backlinks or not. If you do not drive or you are not interested in learning about the subject, it is possible that your choice of a good SEO company is not appropriate, you can end up making a terrible investment.
  • Once you are aware of the different strategies that go into carving into SEO services, then you can make your choice more efficiently based on the techniques that the company will use. For instance, he inclines toward an organization those utilization white hat strategies (White Hat) instead of one that utilization black hat strategies.
  • Finally, as much as possible, choose a company that has an excellent customer support mechanism and positive comments on the web. To know about this, you can see references, consult your friends or acquaintances; you can also visit review websites or comments about those companies. Once you have more or less clear your choice of the company to which you will apply for SEO services, ask for an SEO budget, this has to adapt to your needs, it has to be very clear and consistent from the beginning, this will allow you to Get a good idea of the current costs of the market, and see if it goes hand in hand with the amount of your investment. If this last point does not convince you, look for another company until you find the one that suits you best.

20 Best Design And Web Bloggers In Bangalore

Web Bloggers In BangaloreToday we have selected 20 Best Web Design and Web Bloggers in Bangalore from web communities, which can be found in our language, they are responsible for those websites that we visit daily, many times looking for inspiration or advice on a topic we need, or to learn a little more. Those characters who have contributed their knowledge to our community in their articles, their tutorials or merely expressing their ideas.

One of the qualities of their websites is the personality they give, in addition to the variety of their publications, rather than the quantity. It is not enough to publish “several copies/translations of other articles” daily so that your blog is successful. As they say, right there, the content is king ” Content is King, ” and that is what they offer their readers or visitors.

Currently design blogs in Bangalore there are many but good? Not so many. However, they are part of the history and the beginnings of blogs in Bangalore for creatives.

As an anecdote: one of the peculiarities of the blog, Top 10 Web Designing Companies In Bangalore, is that its creators do not let see who is the person behind a blog. If not, on the contrary, in many cases they tend to have a low profile, with which it is difficult to recognize them.

To take into account

There is no scientific method to choose those who are on the list; they are merely the people we believe have impacted the web in Bangalore and the way many of us now do our blogs. We lacked some characters that help the community, but surely will be in our next list. If you have any, let us know in a comment.

If you want to see a more recent blog in Bangalore for creatives that includes sites on marketing, advertising, design and more, watch it here.

Historical Evolution of Online Marketing: Advantages for Large and Small Businesses

Internet marketing or online marketing. Undoubtedly a subject that is very fashionable, but what is it and in truth what is it? How has it evolved and what are the advantages it offers for large, small, old or new businesses, how profitable it is and the type of investment needed?

Let’s take a look at this topic of online marketing and see how useful it is to use the Internet to promote a business. The exciting thing about this activity is that it involves a whole gear where blogs or websites, social networks, ads paid on previous sites and the same search engines can be affected (so it can include both SEO and SEM). ). Later we will see what these terms imply as their advantages.

What is Internet Marketing (Marketing Online)?

Internet marketing consisted of applying the traditional marketing strategies in the online world but adapted to the Internet environment. Procedures are modified and combined with others that are directly the result of the evolution of the ways of doing business on the Internet.

One of its advantages is that it allows establishing new forms of contact with current customers or potential customers or target market. We can cite benefits such as Presence of company, Knowledge, Interaction, Attract and retain through SEO Services Company In Bangalore and SEM, Evaluation, Constant analysis, Create an image (branding), Omnipresence, Savings in capital investment and measurement of results in time real.

According to a Wikipedia publication: Internet marketing is the study of the techniques of using the Internet to promote and sell products and services. These strategies and tactics are embodied in an online marketing plan that includes pay-per-click advertising, ads on websites, mass mailings, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), use of the Social Media Marketing or social networks and the marketing of blogs or blogs.

Internet marketing started in the early 90s in the form of simple web pages, which only contained text and offered product information. At the end of the 90s, the so-called “webmercials” arose in the United States (due to the combination of the terms “commercial” and “web”).

The new way of advertising arose from the need of the prominent newspapers to compete effectively with the growing digital media. The most recent step in this evolution was the creation of entire businesses that operate from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services.

The Evolution of Internet Marketing: Its History

It is also known as “digital marketing,” it evolved (as it is logical to think) of traditional marketing, of those ways in which a product was promoted, it was offered and motivated to the people so that they knew it and were interested in making the purchase. On the Internet, the forms of advertising had to adapt to this new environment.

In summary (which is no more than that), thanks to the fact that the scenario on the Internet is different, the strategies are by their demands that are far from the physical world. For example; On the Internet, customers are increasingly interested in knowing and establishing communications with brands.

The evolution of the Internet itself produced the development of marketing; it was at that precise moment that companies realized the need to adapt and change if they wanted to be successful. Otherwise, they would be left behind. If society and its forms of interactions vary, the way of marketing products and services have to change as well.

In this new scenario, we must highlight the great importance of social networks; these were the ideal push. When the first social networks appeared, the world was amazed to see how we could share experiences, video images with friends and family or strangers anywhere in the world that had an Internet connection.

In short, the emergence and success of social networks had a lot to do with the evolution of online marketing. The companies saw their advantages: the opportunity to sell, get informed, establish communicative relationships, interact directly and study trends, tastes and needs of the public that makes use of these means of social interaction.

The evolution of the Internet, but accompanied by the rise of social networks and their users, the knowledge on the part of companies of the competitive advantages of these changes, all this is what gave rise to online marketing as we know it today. , but that is also accompanied by other terms such as: digital, electronic and even virtual.

Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine PositioningSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) means that means of moving the clarity of a website into regular (this does, due) research outcomes from any search engine.

A search engine is a system that indexes, classifies and prioritizes all Internet content to help users quickly find what they are looking for. In other words, its objective is to convert the query of a user into a set of relevant and quality results. The Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) is the process of adjusting and adapting the content of a website so that it occupies a privileged place in the results offered by a search engine and therefore get higher visibility.

Best SEO Company in Bangalore encompasses the technical and creative elements needed to improve rankings, attract more traffic and facilitate indexing to search engines. Many factors influence the final result: the text that we write, the links that we add or the webs that link us, the loading speed of the page, etc.

In short, SEO is just to (a) ensure that our website is structured in such a way that the search engines understand it and can process it quickly and (b) strive to create content that adds value. And is that as search engine technologies evolve and improve, the evaluation that can make a real user of our website has more weight and, therefore, we must ensure that this user will be satisfied with the visit.

Why should you worry about SEO?

The majority of online traffic is driven by the main commercial search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo !, etc.), so it is likely that most of the traffic that comes to your website comes from those sources as well. Social media is another technique to direct traffic to our site, but search engines continue to occupy a privileged place, as it is what most users use when they browse the Internet. Therefore, it is crucial that you do your SEO if you want people to find your website and end up visiting it.

Keep in mind that the traffic that a search engine sends you is usually people interested in what you offer. Do not miss the opportunity to attract all the people who are looking for a solution to this problem that you solve better than anyone!


There are many arguments for starting your own business: you are your own boss, you have more freedom and you can decide with whom and how you work. One of the least nice parts is the administration. A subject that most of us would rather not talk about, but no less important. It’s like this: if you put in a good system from the beginning, you will never have to spend a lot of time on it. The opposite, however, is also true, because as soon as yes goes behind with the accounting, the way out sometimes seems far to seek. The latter just too often experienced? Then this article is for you. Read on quickly for 7 ways to better organize your company finances.

  1. Keeps strictly separated business and private life. 
    Rule number one: whatever happens, keep business and private alwaysseparate. Calculate messages that you do for the office separately and never pay a dinner with family or friends with your business account. May sound harsh, but if you do not observe this rule right from the start, keeping your records is only very complicated. Moreover, it is a lot more difficult to see how profitable your company actually is. Not really a nice feeling, right?
  1. Become good friends with the tax authorities

Now you may wonder if we have gone mad, but of course we do not mean this literally. Nevertheless, regular contact with the Tax Authorities can help enormously in understanding the different laws and regulations that may or may not apply to your company. You can, of course, find a lot of information on their website, but since every situation is always slightly different, it may well be that you are entitled to advantageous arrangements without you knowing it yourself.

SEO company Canada

  1. Dare to ask for advice.

For the same reason it is important to get good advice. Take an accountant or accountant, even if only for once or twice a year. We would prefer to do everything ourselves, but the chances are that you often take out the money you put into an advisor by using your money wisely.

  1. Keep an hour administration. 

It may seem easier to simply estimate the number of hours you invest in your company, but of course you will not get an insight into which tasks you will take the most time. Moreover, with your hours administration you show that you are a serious entrepreneur, making you eligible for tax benefits more quickly.

  1. Work according to the ‘baking system’.

In addition to keeping track of your hours, your administration should consist of a number of elements. Examples include incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, receipts, bank statements, tax details and contracts with clients and / or employees. To keep it as clear as possible, you can choose to work for the baking system, where you keep each category in a separate, labeled container. Tip: also keeps everything digital!

  1. Take advantage of apps.

Dozens of apps are available for organizing your company finances . Do you have trouble digitizing your invoices? Use Scannable, with which you can easily convert any document into a digital version with your smartphone. Is the development of a well-organized system your biggest stumbling block? Download easyZZP, an administration app with which you always have your administration at hand. You can not think of it so crazy or it is there.

  1. Make time for it.

If you are busy with assignments, it may not seem like a good idea to spend a few hours on your finances – after all, you will not be paid for it. Nevertheless, we advise you not to go through the companies quickly, but always take plenty of time to do so. Difficulty with plans? Speak a fixed day with yourself on which you do the tax; By introducing structure it will no longer be unexpected and you will automatically take this into account when planning your work.

Your marketing plan is ready in 7 steps


Marketing is becoming easier for small businesses. With the arrival of social media, the marketing budgets do not have to be exorbitant anymore. The target group can be reached virtually ‘free’ via the right social media channels or through targeted online advertising campaigns at a small price.

With this ‘easy’ entry-to-market for starters and small businesses, however, there is a problem. You often have to do it yourself as a starting company and that is a lot of work! So how do you make the most of your time to ensure that your marketing activities (both online and offline) are actually seen by people? Below we give you our best 10 tips.

  1. The unique story behind the company

One of the best ways (if it is not the best way) to be noticed is by telling your story openly. Consumers want to buy from real people. They want to understand what your company stands for, who started it, what kind of people work there, etc. So be open and show a human story.
Also know that not only consumers are looking for this, but also the media! If you want them to knock on your door when they need an expert or experiential story, make sure they can find your story.

  1. Look beyond the store

If you want to reach a larger new audience as a store owner, you have to go to the web. Create a website with a blog that you regularly update with new blog posts and create social media accounts where you can immediately talk to potential customers. This interaction is of added value for both the customer and your company.

  1. Share your expertise

Let the public know that you are an expert. Publish tips, speak at events about your expertise and try to get into the media. In this way, potential customers associate you with expertise and excellence in your field.
Do not hesitate to share your expertise locally or voluntarily contribute to events. Your company will then be included in the internet marketing activities of the organizations you work for.

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  1. Never stop expanding your network

Ask your most distinguished friends or business partners if they can bring you into contact with five people who are compatible with your company. Invite these people to the coffee and ask what it is that you could mean for them. Let them also hear what your plans are for your company. It must be a win-win situation for both parties. You will be surprised at the recommendations that these people can make to their friends. And how, if you build a good relationship with them, they can help you along the way.

  1. Local listings

If you have a physical store that you can visit, make sure you are optimized on Google for Local listings . This service from Google is free and it ensures that if a potential customer is in the neighborhood of your company and he searches online for your services or services, he sees your company appear high in the Google search results. Potential customers can also easily access all your information through the Google Knowledge Graph in the search results when they search on your company name. It is an extra service to reduce the contact threshold and improve the user experience of your customers online.

  1. Low hanging fruit

It may seem like a strange idea, but contact big companies in the same niche as you. Ask if they can refer you to the smaller assignments where they can not spend time themselves. This way you increase your customer base without touching your meager marketing budget. Of course, make sure you thank them heartily / richly for every reference.

  1. Offers extras to employees

Approach companies and offer them extras for their employees. For example, a special discount code for their employees that gives them a 20% discount on their first purchase. An additional advantage is that these companies will hopefully write about the deal on their website and link back to your website!

  1. Email campaigns

It can not be said often enough, but collect the emails from all your customers, business contacts and more. Even if you do not use this list in the initial period, it is very important! These are the people who have already shown interest in your company. You do not have to do field work for that step. However, you must keep them interested. And that is possible through well-designed e-mail campaigns. And with free or low-threshold apps (like Mailchimp), you can easily send beautifully designed e-mails to them. This keeps your brand in sight and they know where to find if they need a product or service from you.

  1. Sign up for Award shows

To strengthen the reputation of your company, it is a good idea to participate in an Award Shows in your field. If you can link a price to your company name, you will strengthen your reputation and the confidence of your (future) customers.
Many of these business competitions are free. It only takes some time to fill in the paperwork.
Hundreds of prizes are awarded to companies annually. Keep your eyes open for relevant Awards in your niche.

  1. Organize a group around your product or service

You can easily start a group on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Within this group of like-minded people you offer your target group something of value (information, experiences, answers, etc.) It is a good way to speak to your target group regularly, without wanting to sell something directly. It is informal and the discussion / conversation is not only of value to them, but also to you as you get a broader insight into your target group.

Internet Marketing Strategies

This training offers you a range of successful internet marketing strategies that you can use for your own company. After following this training you have learned how you can not only stand out from your target group, but how you can also keep your customers.

How do I get customers via the internet? And why have not my efforts yielded anything yet? Without help it can be difficult to find your way in online marketing.

How can I get thousands of visitors within a few days

We have a training for the same purpose. This training offers you a range of successful internet marketing strategies that you can use for your own company. After following this training you have learned how you can not only stand out from your target group, but how you can also keep your customers.

Contact Bangalore SEO company to get the course.

Learn how you can be more attractive in a playful and fun way than your competitor. How can I get thousands of visitors within a few days? Get to know the wide world of internet marketing, served to you in bite-sized chunks so that you can get started right away. It is a shame that many entrepreneurs waste money and time by using wrong Internet and social marketing strategies. You have earned back the investment in this practical training quickly.

Social Media Marketing tips for Small Business Owners Part 2

Part #1

Social Media Marketing tip 6: Social Media not enough monitoring is a big missed opportunity. 
When it comes to Social Media, everyone can say what they want about your company or brand name. The target group can post positive and negative messages. Not keeping up with these messages is a missed opportunity for many companies. There are three important points for attention when monitoring Social Media, namely:

  • Collecting information about your customers.
  • Collecting information about the competition.
  • Collecting information about influential people in the industry.

Social Media Marketing tip 7: All companies should have a LinkedIn profile. 
For both small and large companies, the use of LinkedIn has become necessary. It provides a business with commercial opportunities, an extensive network of professionals, extra marketing opportunities and also not important: credibility.

Social Media Marketing tip 8: Learn to plan for your tweets to efficiently deal with your time. 
Social media tools can take away a lot of stress when using multiple Twitter accounts. A useful option is to include future tweets in a schedule so that they are automatically published at the moments that suit you best.

Social Media Marketing tip 9: Avoid making many Social Media errors at all times. 
Knowing what should be included in your Social Media strategy is very important. In addition, there are also a number of frequently used Social Media tactics, which you better leave out of your strategy. The list below contains typical examples of what you should NOT do:

  • Encourage visitors to click certain links (click-baiting), or to give something likes (like-baiting).SEO bangalore canada
  • Simply buy likes and followers, effectively diluting the quality of your audience.
  • Too many posts and therefore even your loyal followers get tired of an overdose of information.
  • Continue to use Social Media while you are actually losing it, because it also involves a lot of time and effort for employees.
  • Use Social Media only for advertisements, while you should use these social channels especially for creating extra commitment to your customers.
  • Negative comments on your company get out of the way and thereby just miss learning moments.
  • Do not stay up to date, as a result of which the information of your messages can age quickly.
  • The lack of a Social Media strategy, while nowadays it is actually no longer an option to pay no attention to it.

Social Media Marketing tip 10: Tell people who are skeptical about the benefits of Social Media. 
There are people who are still skeptical about the use of Social Media. Below are 10 benefits, which even the most skeptical people can draw:

  1. Through Social Media it is easy to get to know your customers.
  2. Via Social Media you can approach different groups of customers in a targeted way, for example by gender, geographical location, interests and language area.
  3. Via Social Media, small businesses in particular can easily acquire new customers.
  4. Through Social Media the positive and negative opinions of your customers are equally transparent.
  5. Through Social Media, the competition is easier to follow and this information is very valuable for determining the course of your own company.
  6. Via Social Media more visitors can be drawn to your websites and also ensure that your website gets higher in the search results.
  7. Via Social Media it is easier and faster to share new information with your customers.
  8. Via Social Media it is possible to create leads, through so-called “gated content”.
  9. Through Social Media it is possible to build a meaningful relationship with the customer, in contrast to traditional advertising.
  10. Via Social Media it is possible to increase brand awareness and reach at low costs.

Social Media Marketing tip 11: Approach your target audience better with the help of social media statistics. 
Social media statistics can be used by a marketer to support their own Social Media strategy. There have been a lot of studies in the field of Social Media and it would be a shame not to use this freely available information. Interesting information can be found in the statistics, such as:

  • The times when most users are active on a particular Social Media channel.
  • The reason why people come to certain Social Media channels.
  • Which target groups mainly use a Socia Media channel.

Social Media Marketing tip 12: Know which Social Media measure you can use for ROI. 
In many articles about Social Media analysis, we will discuss which Social Media criterion you should now follow to keep track of ROI (Return on investment). It is better to choose yourself which standards best suit the unique circumstances of your own company. You can best choose a Social Media goal first and then the corresponding standards. Three examples of Social Media goals can be:

  1. Increasing the involvement of your customers.
  2. Increasing the brand awareness of your brand.
  3. Increasing your current customer base.

Social Media Marketing tip 13: Use URL shorteners to track and measure the involvement of your URLs. 
Following retweets and likes no longer provide sufficient data to measure the involvement of your customers. By using URL shorteners, your URLs will not only become shorter, but also measurable. This way it is possible to determine how many visitors have returned to your website by a posted message.

Social Media Marketing tip 14: Learn about the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags.


  • Use a targeted hashtag to reach genuinely involved customers in this way.
  • You can elaborate on the precise operation of the hashtag with different types of Social Media.
  • Preferably use a hashtag that does not contain your own brand, but is very relevant to the values ​​of your company.


  • The use of too long or complicated hashtags.
  • The use of too many hashtags, which actually becomes too much from 5 hashtags per post.
  • Always use a hashtag, while this is not always necessary.

Social Marketing tip 15: Use a Social Media content calendar. 
Organizing and discovering a schedule for the use of your Social Media may also not be missing in order to be successful. By keeping a so-called Social Media calendar, it is possible to find out what kind of schedule works best for your company. A template can be used for drawing up a Social Media calendar.

Social Marketing tip 16: Increase your Social Media reach by also advertising on Social Media. 
Using Social Media ads to increase your Social Media reach is an opportunity that you as a company should not ignore. Investing in Social Media ads should be an integral part of your strategy. It is wise to first learn how Social Media ads can be used effectively, before you spend a lot of money on it. Here is a row of tips that you can use as a beginner:

  • Analyze first your free Social Media messages that attract a lot of interest right now, because this is a guideline for your investments in Social Media advertisements.
  • Make good use of the possibilities of Social Media to approach those who are interested in a very targeted way.
  • Rotate your advertisements with some regularity so that visitors do not get tired of the same type of advertising.
  • First test your ads for small target groups and then expose them to the mass public when they turn out to be successful.
  • Dedicate yourself in the way different Social Media platforms sell the advertisements, because this does not work the same for every channel.
  • Make sure that visitors can also visit the ads via mobile phones, because that’s the way they view the ads for many users.