Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Most of the time when you come across this terms in online or you can hear this words from some of the web designers, you should know the difference between static and dynamic websites so that only you can determine the good solution for your website.

Simply we will explain this from a web development company in Bangalore. In Static websites, are those with content that cannot change without developer editing its source code, but Dynamic websites also having same source code we can edit without the help of developers. When we are using static and dynamic websites for our company or organization, it has lots of coding in the backend but the visual is the same for the user. We should know the important purpose of both Static and Dynamic websites.

Static Websites

Static sites are mostly used to portray something about the organization, it is used to show only the information about the organization to the clients. We cannot change the content while the user seeing our site, this kind of static websites are created by HTML and CSS coding with the help of text editors. This website is suitable for unedited organizations.
The static website is always showing the same pages to the clients, even we can add multimedia files like images and videos. However, this static website always welcomes the clients with the same contents and images until we alter the page source code.

Dynamic Websites

In a dynamic website, we change the content dynamically while the page is running on the client browser. These websites using server-side programming languages like PHP,Asp.net and JSP etc. We can change the contents at the runtime. Dynamic websites using server-side code to handle events, it manages session and cookies, and it will store and retrieve data from the database. Dynamic websites are mainly used for e-commerce websites, online form applications, social networking sites, Regular updating sites etc.
A dynamic website has the capacity of showing different content for different visitors from the same source code. These websites have all kind of media like videos images but whenever the user wants to change that he can change, so it gives a good experience to the user.

Uses of Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites will give a lot of purposes, for example, the dynamic websites have its content management system (CMS) where you can upload your contents regularly. When we have a blogging website or an e-commerce website then you need to update your content daily, every time we can’t expect the developer to change our contents. Responsive designs are giving more attractive to the dynamic websites. Its suitable for all devices.

Everyone Should know the benefits of responsive web design. Dynamic websites are suitable for SEO capability, so we can get good traffic and valuable customers for our business. This kind of dynamic websites is very much useful to when we are doing digital marketing. We can easily create landing pages while doing digital marketing.

The Advantage of Digital Marketing

In this competitive world, we should stand among other with good websites. If we are looking for customers from our websites we should do digital marketing like SEO, Google ads, Social media presence, and ads and etc. It’s very useful to get valuable customers, that will enlarge your business. Everyone should know why digital marketing is important and advantages of digital marketing.

Development steps of Static and Dynamic

Static website design process done by HTML and Dynamic sites are created by PHP, JavaScript, Asp.net like etc. Also, Dynamic pages are created by Ruby on Rails and some kind of frameworks
• Static sites are load quicker than Dynamic one.
• In static site content changing is a very difficult task, only the developer can change it. But in the dynamic site, we can change the content my own.
• Static sites file extension is like .html or .htm, Dynamic one extension is like .php, .asp, .jsp
• Static sites are creating HTML and CSS, Dynamic sites are creating by using server-side programming languages like PHP, JSP, ASP and etc.
• Static websites are a cheap method and low-cost one, Dynamic websites are little costly than static but it’s having more useful purposes. Choose dynamic sites if you are updating the content frequently.

Which one do we choose?

Most of the peoples prefer dynamic websites because that have many benefits. Before proceeding this you must choose the best web design company in Bangalore. Dynamic websites are reducing ongoing maintenance, reduce the complicity to manage the data and giving SEO support too. In the dynamic site, we can add more future add-ons like data feed and comprehensive site search.

Some of the key point we should keep in our mind while creating dynamic websites, its development cost is high because it requires more complicity coding, another complicity is dynamic website needs high-end web hosting. Who are all in business they should know the Difference between static and dynamic websites.

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