What You Should Know About Prepostseo

Steps Involved in Pre and Post SEO:

The SEO is through different techniques to promote the development of a site, a page in the top search results of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The task of a SEO or SEO agency goes through several types of SEO optimizations :

  • The technical optimization (SEO On-Site)
  • The development of a content strategy , the writing and optimization of these.
  • The implementation of a netlinking strategy .

This SEO work must be done with a long-term vision . Indeed, the benefits of SEO are noticeable after a while but lead to a real gain in visibility traffic , and conversion .

We will see how to reference his site and thus allow his company to sustain its activity on the web respecting the 3 pillars of SEO .

On-site SEO: optimizing the technique of your site

What is SEO On-site

First step for any website wishing to be referenced on the first page of Google: the technical optimization of the site (SEO On-site). This essential step aims to facilitate the reading of a website by search engines .

Why is technical SEO fundamental?

The technical optimization of a site is a step by which each website should pass. Without this work on the structure of the site , its tree structure , different meta tags (description, title, etc.), semantic markup redirection management , etc., search engines are not able to read, explore and correctly understand a site. Thus, the technical optimization of a site goes through several aspects:

  • Can Googlebots properly crawl the site?
  • Are pages indexed by Google relevant?
  • Is the architecture and structure of the site optimized?
  • Does the site meet the requirements for charging time, Google-required security ( HTTPS protocol ), mobile adaptability, etc.?

Without these good technical bases, all efforts of production of contents is vain, these last ones being not able to be understood correctly by the engine, they will not obtain an optimal positioning.

It is also advisable to conduct a regular monitoring of your site as well as a permanent watch in order to follow the evolution of the good practices and the updates of the Google algorithm. This work is essential in order to adapt its working methods to these changes.

Creation of content optimized for SEO

What is content marketing

The development of a content strategy , or content marketing, is to create content to improve the referencing of a site on targeted queries. This work involves writing quality content , with real added value for the user while meeting the technical requirements of search engines.

Why create a content strategy for your site?

The production of high value-added content makes it possible to position a site on targeted queries, in connection with its activity, in order to generate additional traffic and consequently conversions (lead generation, or turnover).

To do this, you must optimize your content creation to meet the needs of readers :

By creating relevant content, accurately answering their questions and accompanying them in their purchase process. We are talking here about the SEO commitment cycle. Indeed, Internet users go through several steps before moving to the act of purchase. These different stages of consumer thinking translate into several types of research:

  • The user has a need, so he will do research to collect information .
  • “Comparative” research, where the user will seek to determine what is the best solution to meet his needs.
  • Transactional searches, the user has found the solution to his problem, so he will now seek to move to the act of purchase.

Although it is important to speak to the user; it is essential to know how to address the search engines by optimizing its content :

This includes a semantic work of the text, an optimization all the more important because of the boom in voice research . The internal mesh (internal links) must also be the subject of a rigorous work, in order to facilitate the navigation of the search engine robots on the site. These optimizations allow Google and other engines to understand exactly what a content is about , and thus position it for the targeted query as well as the long tail .

Beyond the benefits of SEO your site in the SERPs, the creation of content will allow your company to establish a certain legitimacy in its sector of activity .

SEO Off-site: the netlinking, the notoriety of your website.

What is netlinking?

The netlinking is an SEO technique to get links pointing to their website, in view of improving its position in the SERP’s. There are 2 main practices in netlinking:

  • The generation of backlinks , by contacting other thematic sites.
  • The linkbaiting , or “fishing ties,” which consists, through content production with very high added value (guides, infographics, etc.) to acquire links naturally .

Some good practices must be respected in terms of netlinking, to avoid possible penalties from Google (Google Penguin):

  • Choose qualitative sites , having a similar theme and publishing quality content . When it comes to netlinking, always choose quality over quantity .
  • Some techniques of netlinking are to be avoided, like the setting of links in mass on the directories, in the spaces comments of the blogs and on the forums.
  • Take care to respect a certain regularity in the acquisition of links .
  • Do not multiply backlinks coming from the same domain name.
  • Do not over-optimize the anchors of the incoming links , we must take care to keep a typology as natural as possible in the profile of the anchors used.

Obviously, these incoming links must be in ” dofollow” , unlike the links having the attribute nofollow, a link “dofollow” transmits the “SEO juice”.

Why develop a netlinking strategy for your site?

The generation of backlinks is probably one of the most powerful referencing techniques . Used wisely and in accordance with best practices, links can represent real vectors of popularity for a website .

In addition, the advantages of interlinking are many:

  • The links bring additional traffic, the acquisition of site traffic increases, and therefore the conversion potential too.
  • The “power” transmitted by acquired links leads to a better positioning of pages on important queries.

In addition, we must keep in mind these 3 fundamental pillars of SEO when we want to choose his natural SEO agency . They must form the basis of all reflections on the strategy to adopt to obtain a good SEO by the search engines.

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