What is Web Development?

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What is Web Development?

Web Development

Web development refers to all those tasks related to the operation of the website. Developers are in charge of implementing the functionalities and characteristics of a page or mobile app so that it meets the desired requirements.

The complexity of the project does not matter. The website developer will use the most appropriate programming language so that the user can carry out the tasks by which they access that space and their data, whether it is an online purchase, a reservation, or an administrative procedure.

What is web design?

Web design, for its part, is the field that is responsible for defining, on the one hand, the visual aspect of a page or mobile app: specifying the aesthetic part, which goes far beyond making the site visually pleasant.

Although the work on the visual aspect of web designers is very important, it is also their responsibility to define an appearance that makes navigation simple, comfortable, and friendly because part of the work of web design consists of defining and optimizing the user experience ( UX).

What is the difference between web design and web development?

The difference between web design and development is somewhat blurred, as “web design” has become a generic term that encompasses design and development. Companies need to make their customers aware that a successful website requires excellent design and development.

Web design determines the look and feel of a website. Understand the design, navigation, and color scheme of the website. It also includes graphic and logo design. Web design is more about aesthetics and user experience than functions. A web designer will make a website easy to use and fit the purpose for which it was created.

In contrast, web development takes care of the functions and features of a website. It covers programming the “back-end” of a website, covering functions such as registration, content management systems, e-commerce, and any database applications. Web development makes it possible for visitors to a website to carry out actions on it.

A good web designer should have a skill in graphic design and a good knowledge of marketing. He will know how to attract the attention of website visitors and encourage them to explore it. A good web developer must have excellent programming skills, finding solutions that provide functionality to a website.

Studies show that website visitors make a judgment in just a few seconds. Therefore, good web design will make the site attractive and easy to use, and good web development will provide it with interesting features and functions. All of this will result in the visitor being attracted to the website and visiting it again.

Differences :

Sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate one concept from another, especially if we talk from the perspective of the digital age, which is why there is currently confusion between two concepts, such as web design and web development. Although some people think they are the same, basically no, and above all, it is a problem when clients request one of these services, so here we present each of their differences framed from different points of view.


  1. Web design refers to creating the appearance of a web page, is responsible for its aesthetics, and includes logo, graphic design, navigation form, color, and other functions that allow easy and simple navigation.
  2. Web development: is responsible for the internal characteristics and functions of a web page; that is, it creates the internal part of a website, such as operating systems, content, and database, among others. This is what allows the interaction of a website with those who visit it (users).


  1. Web design: at this point, the graphic design that the website presents is of great importance since it depends on whether it will capture the attention of those who visit it.
  2. Web development: here, it refers to the correct use of different programming tools, especially establishing solutions when a problem occurs with the web.


  1. Web design: among the most used tools are PhotoShop, Flash, and Fireworks, as well as color techniques and fonts, among others.
  2. Web development: in terms of programming, the most used are ASP, JavaScript, SML, and SQL, but due to new programming requirements, new programming tools are being developed.

It is important to clarify that both designers and developers in HTML and CSS formats use some overlay tools.

One of the most notable examples of the difference between web designers and developers is the site called WordPress, where the design is taken into account more than the development of the site. However, some people indeed create a website with a good structure just by knowing design or development. In addition, it must have good web maintenance.

However, for a website to meet the requirements that people want, they must be both good designers and experienced developers.

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