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All about SEO and Digital Marketing and how is it improtant for your business?

You want your business to be as easy as possible in Google. The first thing you think about is Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore and Google AdWords. But do you also think about Google My Business ? Probably not. Our advice is to do so, because Google My Business is more important than you think.

A Google business page, or Google My Business, offers benefits. It offers the opportunity to be displayed prominently on the right side of the results page and it helps mobile searchers to contact you faster. In this article, you can read why Google My Business is important for SEO.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a unique and personal company page within the Google Network. A kind of Google+, but for companies. On this page you will show the most important company details such as a description of the activities, location details, opening hours and reviews. You can create such a company page for free. All you need is a Google account.

To activate the page, you first go through the verification process. Google wants to know whether it is a real company. After the company details have been filled in, you will receive an ‘old-fashioned’ postcard with a verification code within a few days. You use the code to activate GMB so that it can be displayed in the Google Network.

Why you as a company want to have a GMB page

The Google My Business page is the digital business card of your company. Depending on the relevance, distance and familiarity of the organization, the page is shown in the Knowledge window . The knowledge window is the white right-hand column next to the search results.

If your company page is the best match for the search, then the chances are that your company will be shown in that coveted place. And that’s what you ultimately want. At the top of Google and stand out. A good reason why you want a Google My business page.

Particularly useful for mobile users

But Google My Business offers even more benefits. Mobile users have the option to set up directions to your company or to make telephone calls without having to enter the number. New customers will therefore be in contact with you even more easily.

Are customers satisfied? Ask them to leave a review. Positive reviews not only give a reliable look, but also provide a better position in Google. After all, it is a ranking factor.

Tip: receive more reviews by using this Google review link . It is a shortcut that customers can follow to write a review. Place the link on, for example, your own website or in the newsletter.

All company data together

On the protected part of the Google business page, interesting data and statistics about your company are shown. For example, you can see how often the route has been used. And if the ‘call’ button was clicked. You can also see how often your company has been shown on Google Maps. Google My Business is linked to Google Analytics so that you can also find this information in the dashboard. All this information can be seen in the desktop environment and the app for Android and Apple .

Keep the business page up-to-date

Just like the other social networks where you have a company page, for example on LinkedIn, you also have to update this company page from time to time. At the time of writing there are still limited content possibilities, but it is obvious that these possibilities are further expanded.

Our advice: create your Google My Business Page

Web sites are easier to find in Google through search engine optimization. A Google My Business Page is part of this. Not only is there the chance that your company is mentioned on the right side of the results page, it also helps the overall findability of your website. Especially if you can collect a lot of positive reviews.

Do you see the work to make the page? Inform what we can do for you. Your new page will then be neatly listed in Google search results.

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