What is Mobile Marketing?

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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a set of activities connecting advertisers with consumers through mobile devices and networks.

According to the statistical projections mentioned by Chris Gollop in his post Online shopping from a smartphone:the new king of sales? By 2021, it is expected to achieve 54% of purchases through mobile media. Therefore, to retain customers, it is necessary to become familiar with the science of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing originated in the 2000s when mobile phones were beginning to enter people’s lives. In its early days, mobile marketing was SMS spam. Intrusive advertising SMS messages were sent to all users whose phone numbers could be obtained.

Today, mobile marketing has evolved into a science of personalized customer support.

Mobile marketing objectives

Mobile marketing can be applied when it has one of the following purposes for the company:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Build customer feedback
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Retain existing customers
  • Attract new clients
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales

Furthermore, it should be added that mobile marketing can be considered an excellent example of guerrilla marketing. That channel allows you to promote your product to a broad audience without significant investments.

Advantages of mobile marketing:

  • The possibility of reaching more users than with online marketing
  • Relatively low cost per contact
  • Focus on sales
  • Personalization

Disadvantages of mobile marketing:

  • Intrusion
  • Difficulty obtaining data
  • High competition

Elements for selecting a mobile advertising tool

To select a specific mobile advertising distribution tool, you need to do the following work:

  1. Identify the target audience of the product and the company;
  2. Determine what part of your target audience uses mobile communications, mobile applications, QR codes
  3. Define the budget of the advertising campaign.

Mobile marketing tools

Mobile marketing includes a wide range of tools and technologies.

Marketing in mobile applications and games

Ads are displayed within mobile games and applications. Campaigns can be launched through significant networks such as Google AdMob (as of 2018, part of Google Ads) and Facebook ( ads on FB, Instagram and messaging applications).

There are special mobile advertising networks that serve to promote games and applications. For example, Chartboost and Unity Ads. They are intermediaries between developers wanting to monetize their products and marketers dedicated to attracting users to other applications.

The ads come in banners, full-screen ads, and videos. They can cover part of the interface, appear between levels, and be incorporated into the game.

QR codes

A user scans a QR code and is automatically redirected to a specific web page. The QR code is often used as a game element. Users become curious as to what is behind the set of squares.

Marketing based on geolocation

Ads appear on mobile devices depending on the consumer’s location. For example, people can see ads within a 1 km radius of the offline point of sale.

Search ads on mobile

These are the usual Google search ads adapted for mobile. They include helpful extensions: a call button and a navigation map.

Interactive mobile ads

They are designed to be displayed on mobile devices. Some ads allow you to attract users. Interactive formats read the information from the touch panel and adjust the image to the user’s touch.

Mobile Voice Marketing

Includes: customer calls, answering machines, voice search. The last point is a trend of 2019. As voice recognition technologies become more advanced and users increasingly turn to Siri, Alice and “OK Google”, voice search should be considered when a marketing strategy is built.


Robots are getting smarter, so it’s worth using them to promote brandsNowadays, chatbots are replacing consultants; automated funnels are clamouring for them.

Mobile Push Ads

When a user enters the site, the advertiser may ask them to subscribe to an advertisement. After that, you will receive notifications on your smartphone.

SMS and MMS Marketing

It needs to be updated on the mobile marketing tool. SMS and MMS sending are made from a database of telephone numbers.

Mobile marketing is not limited to the promotional tools mentioned above. It also includes adapting the website for mobile devices.

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