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What Businesses Can Use Google Local Services?

Google Local Boost: Business Solutions

This announcement tool was created and intended for Service Area Businesses (SABs). These companies or contractors generally do not have a physical location where they serve the public but travel to provide their services. The most common are plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc. Google has recently expanded the type of businesses that can use Google Local Services to include lawyers.

How does Google Local Services work?

When a user completes a search, Google tries to answer their query best. To do this, Google Local Services will allow consumers to call a business directly or compare services with related companies. Until now, if users wanted to know and compare services, they had to call company by company.

This program began its expansion in 2017 when Google decided to take a step forward and offer it outside of California. Until then, it was called “Home service ads”; after this expansion, it adopted a new name, as we know it today, “Local service ads.”

The excellent reception it provoked in the community has made this program in constant progress in more and more countries. Despite this, Google Local Services came with a Google guarantee certificate from the first hour. The companies obtain said certificate through a series of verifications and verifications by Google; even Google can check the employees’ backgrounds.

Those companies that obtain the certificate called “Google Guaranteed” will have the support of Google; they will even be able to assume the economic claim by customers with a limit of $2,000.

How do Google Local Services ads appear?

The ads will be shown based on the keywords that identify your business. The ads will be activated at the top of the SERP ahead of Adwords and the Local Pack.

The most relevant information about the company will appear, consisting of the following elements:

  • Name
  • Reputation (reviews)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Schedule

It is worth noting the importance of having a good review score. You will be able to attract your customers and generate greater trust in them.

What do local service ads look like on a desktop?

The ads are seen prominently. They appear at the top of Google search, plus, as on desktop, the “Google Guaranteed” badge appears. This is something that gives greater credibility and security to the ads.

What do local service ads look like on mobile?

Like on a desktop, ads appear at the top of Google searches. In this search that we have carried out, only 2 Go results appear.

How much does Google Local Services cost?

In Google Local Services, you can limit your weekly spending, and each lead you get will subtract from your budget. The cost per potential customer will depend on the category, the area where you are, and the market in which your business is developed, ranging from €8 to €110.

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