The importance of SEO

How is SEO Improtant to our businesses?

It is fashionable to insist on a site optimized for SEO, said “Google friendly” , in order to appear in the results of search engines, Google in mind of course. However, it is now appropriate to relativize SEO, which seems to be unavoidable for many web technicians.

Why ?
Because to be well-referenced means to be found on the first page of results, in the first 3 maximum . Beyond, you should know that your site will have very little chance of being seen (you go to the 6th page of results when you are looking for something?). But today, you certainly know that most keywords are saturated with competition.

Which means that in most industries, unless you have a very large budget dedicated to SEO, you will have no chance to compete with the “monsters” sector. Because you have to know that the criteria of Google (among others), rest a lot on:

  • the age of the site (impossible to cheat with this criterion)
  • but also and especially on the redundancy of keywords
  • the frequency and relevance of updates
  • or the number of links pointing to it (non-exhaustive list)
  • Soundcloud is good for business marketing

A large site that repeats X times the same keywords (for example La Redoute for clothes) and that has existed for 10 years, will necessarily be well placed if it is correctly realized from a technical point of view (especially that many links point to it). So unless you have a huge budget, in these highly competitive sectors (such as high tech, etc …), you will be unable to pass in front of these reference sites.

We must realize that often a small site will not be found through search engines. But by:

social networks
a blog
links to other sites (including subscriptions to specialized directories)
videos (on YouTube for example)
ads and advertising campaigns (Adwords, facebook, etc …)

by the paper supports that you have distributed, etc …
This will be all the more effective if you repeat almost the same phrases and keywords whenever possible, in the titles and descriptions.

You will then be interested in playing the map of local communication (flyers, ads, etc …) while mentioning your site: it will present your activity in a more detailed, dynamic and interactive. You can get around the “monsters” domain and be well referenced, while receiving more qualified visitors, so more likely to be interested in your offer.

What about the code?

The sacrosanct code of the pages (which is invisible to the eye but allows the web page to exist) does not have any importance either for many modest sites, which can be content with tools free or cheap, even if their code is not the first choice.

First of all: think display compatibility. This code is especially important to ensure good readability of the site, a good display on various browsers. But also today, on multiple platforms such as a smartphone or a touchpad, which are increasingly used to surf, and soon to buy (not to neglect).

The only part of the code that is useful in general is the famous “meta tags,” of lesser importance, however, today. Mainly:

the title of the page
his author
the keywords
it’s description

So it seems essential to relativize the importance of SEO, to adopt an appropriate communication approach around its site: it will often be much more effective and less expensive (or free)!

Let’s be pragmatic: for most TPE sites, the goal is above all to present information, if possible in a way that is rewarding for the company. The main thing is that it is:

easily accessible (on a reliable server)
fast to load
clear and pleasant to the eye
complete in its contents
if possible with a domain in your name (which allows to recover it in case of change of solution or webmaster). We can help with your seo needs in bangalore

So do not panic about SEO: it does not necessarily spend a lot of time and invest. Check first whether the game is worth the effort for your business. Then use other means if you want to know, attract visitors and sell.

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