Soundcloud Banner Size, Best Practices + Template Included (2019)

Whether it’s music, sales or any other job you are dealing with that needs you to draw in more individuals, one idea stays real, which is you require to stand apart from the competitors. To do this on your SoundCloud profile, you will require a SoundCloud banner size that will pop when visitors visit your profile.

Prior to we discover the best SoundCloud banner size, I should initially state this …

Everyone values excellent music. It is at the heart of what makes us human and no matter which among the countless cultures around the globe you are from, music is an essential part of it.

Let’s start.

What is Noise Cloud?

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social music platform where anyone with an interest to dig more into music can start. It enables individuals to produce, curate along with listen to music from global in addition to upcoming skill.

SoundCloud is the best platform if you are simply beginning to launch your own tune into the world. If you have it in you to produce some motivating, fantastic structure, then it’s just a matter of time prior to you begin establishing a following.

This certainly suggests that you will require your own SoundCloud account.

Does not it?

The very first thing you require to do is to make it easy for your fans to quickly acknowledge your material.

Soundcloud Profile Image Size

For this, you require an amazing, crisp and clear profile picture.

SoundCloud permits you to publish images as big as 2mb. It is likewise recommended to utilize one with a minimum of 1000x 1000 pixels.

This enables you to zoom into the image and still have a quality and a clear picture for your profile.

And another thing …

The Profile header needs to requires justSimply

You desire to make the ideal very first impression when it comes to your SoundCloud page.

Why might you ask?

Since that is how you are going to draw listeners in and have them push the play button.

Since your SoundCloud banner stops working to bring in, you may have some terrific tracks lined up however still have a less than perfect following merely.

This is the very first thing, together with your profile image that listeners are visiting, so you require to ensure it is elegant.

And hello, if the info so far still hasn’t resonated with you, consider it in this manner …

SoundCloud has actually taken the formerly unidentified skill from their small garages to making worldwide trips. Now that should put things into viewpoint.

This is why publishing the ideal quality images is so damn crucial individuals!

Now if you are among those artists who has actually been attempting to find out how to draw in more listeners, relax, listen and continue reading, since this here will assist you get attention and combined with your incredible music, collect a faithful following.

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What is the SoundCloud Banner Size?

The Soundcloud banner requires to be 2480x 520 pixels. The image requires to either be JPEG or PNG format. The file size requires to be less than 2 megabytes.

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SoundCloud Banner Size Photoshop (PSD) Design Template
Can you create these yourself or have an internal designer that can assist? We prepared a design template with all the essential standards.

  • Finest Practices for a SoundCloud Banner
  • How to Include the Right Visuals
  • Now that you understand the ideal size, you likewise require to have the ideal image with the bestvisuals. These require to show your design and brand name as an artist.

To put it simply, the image needs to mix with your type and category of music. It ought to assist listeners relate to the music and you can do this by including the best design and color.

Your SoundCloud banner ought to show your character and who you are as an artist.

Keep it Simple
Given your SoundCloud banner is an ideal location to put details given that it is the very first point that listeners will land their eyes on.

It’s crucial to keep things easy.

Text need to be kept at a minimum leaving most of the banner to visuals and appealing images.

Text ought to likewise not be on your profile image … however that’s a no-brainer.

Mentioning appealing images …

Ensure there is consistency in between the profile photo, the images, and the visuals on your banner. This likewise indicates utilizing the standard colors and very same font styles. The images need to be expert and top quality.

Utilizing Arkido Web designing services
If you resemble me, that like to get things done appropriately without taking in much of my time …

Utilizing a designer with a great eye and abilities to produce these for you is an excellent option.

Designer Job might be an excellent option.

Free Tools to Develop your Banner
Now, if you are on a super-budget and/or have the time to commit to discovering, there are a couple of totally free choices out there.

Let’s review a couple of.

Utilizing Bannersnack

For the typical artist, frequently you might not have a graphics style background to develop your own spectacular SoundCloud banner from scratch. The fantastic thing is you do not require excessive know-how to get a great banner.

With Bannersnack, you get SoundCloud design templates which you can personalize into your own private design and you are set to stick out.

What’s the procedure? Well …

Go to Bannersnack and produce an account. You will then be approved access to their extremely own style tool
Utilize the database to choose the font style, design templates, shapes and stock pictures.
Offer your own special touch by submitting your own images.
Style the banner.
When you are pleased and submit it to your SoundCloud profile, conserve the banner.
When utilizing Bannersnack, while you will discover an excellent image from their substantial database, you can likewise submit your own images and create them utilizing their online style tool.

Utilizing Canva

Canva is yet another basic and beneficial tool to develop an appealing SoundCloud banner. What’s more, the images are available in the best measurements that makes style work definitely basic.

The procedure is basically comparable to the one we took a look at with Bannersnack. The standard actions consist of …

Go to Canva and develop an account.
When in, choose any of the numerous offered design templates. If you choose, you can submit your own distinct pictures.
Include font styles and filters and text modifying.
When pleased with your SoundCloud design template, submit and conserve on your SoundCloud profile.
Covering it up
There are more than 200 million users on SoundCloud and this is precisely why it is very important to have a terrific looking SoundCloud banner to assist you stand apart from the crowd.

By following the actions we have actually set out for you above you are well on your method to making a striking SoundCloud page which indicates more listeners to your incredible music.

See you next time!

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