Social Media Marketing tips for Small Business Owners Part 2

Part #1

Social Media Marketing tip 6: Social Media not enough monitoring is a big missed opportunity. 
When it comes to Social Media, everyone can say what they want about your company or brand name. The target group can post positive and negative messages. Not keeping up with these messages is a missed opportunity for many companies. There are three important points for attention when monitoring Social Media, namely:

  • Collecting information about your customers.
  • Collecting information about the competition.
  • Collecting information about influential people in the industry.

Social Media Marketing tip 7: All companies should have a LinkedIn profile. 
For both small and large companies, the use of LinkedIn has become necessary. It provides a business with commercial opportunities, an extensive network of professionals, extra marketing opportunities and also not important: credibility.

Social Media Marketing tip 8: Learn to plan for your tweets to efficiently deal with your time. 
Social media tools can take away a lot of stress when using multiple Twitter accounts. A useful option is to include future tweets in a schedule so that they are automatically published at the moments that suit you best.

Social Media Marketing tip 9: Avoid making many Social Media errors at all times. 
Knowing what should be included in your Social Media strategy is very important. In addition, there are also a number of frequently used Social Media tactics, which you better leave out of your strategy. The list below contains typical examples of what you should NOT do:

  • Encourage visitors to click certain links (click-baiting), or to give something likes (like-baiting).SEO bangalore canada
  • Simply buy likes and followers, effectively diluting the quality of your audience.
  • Too many posts and therefore even your loyal followers get tired of an overdose of information.
  • Continue to use Social Media while you are actually losing it, because it also involves a lot of time and effort for employees.
  • Use Social Media only for advertisements, while you should use these social channels especially for creating extra commitment to your customers.
  • Negative comments on your company get out of the way and thereby just miss learning moments.
  • Do not stay up to date, as a result of which the information of your messages can age quickly.
  • The lack of a Social Media and seo strategy, while nowadays it is actually no longer an option to pay no attention to it.

Social Media Marketing tip 10: Tell people who are skeptical about the benefits of Social Media. 
There are people who are still skeptical about the use of Social Media. Below are 10 benefits, which even the most skeptical people can draw:

  1. Through Social Media it is easy to get to know your customers.
  2. Via Social Media you can approach different groups of customers in a targeted way, for example by gender, geographical location, interests and language area.
  3. Via Social Media, small businesses in particular can easily acquire new customers.
  4. Through Social Media the positive and negative opinions of your customers are equally transparent.
  5. Through Social Media, the competition is easier to follow and this information is very valuable for determining the course of your own company.
  6. Via Social Media more visitors can be drawn to your websites and also ensure that your website gets higher in the search results.
  7. Via Social Media it is easier and faster to share new information with your customers.
  8. Via Social Media it is possible to create leads, through so-called “gated content”.
  9. Through Social Media it is possible to build a meaningful relationship with the customer, in contrast to traditional advertising.
  10. Via Social Media it is possible to increase brand awareness and reach at low costs.

Social Media Marketing tip 11: Approach your target audience better with the help of social media statistics. 
Social media statistics can be used by a marketer to support their own Social Media strategy. There have been a lot of studies in the field of Social Media and it would be a shame not to use this freely available information. Interesting information can be found in the statistics, such as:

  • The times when most users are active on a particular Social Media channel.
  • The reason why people come to certain Social Media channels.
  • Which target groups mainly use a Socia Media channel.

Social Media Marketing tip 12: Know which Social Media measure you can use for ROI. 
In many articles about Social Media analysis, we will discuss which Social Media criterion you should now follow to keep track of ROI (Return on investment). It is better to choose yourself which standards best suit the unique circumstances of your own company. You can best choose a Social Media goal first and then the corresponding standards. Three examples of Social Media goals can be:

  1. Increasing the involvement of your customers.
  2. Increasing the brand awareness of your brand.
  3. Increasing your current customer base.

Social Media Marketing tip 13: Use URL shorteners to track and measure the involvement of your URLs. 
Following retweets and likes no longer provide sufficient data to measure the involvement of your customers. By using URL shorteners, your URLs will not only become shorter, but also measurable. This way it is possible to determine how many visitors have returned to your website by a posted message.

Social Media Marketing tip 14: Learn about the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags.


  • Use a targeted hashtag to reach genuinely involved customers in this way.
  • You can elaborate on the precise operation of the hashtag with different types of Social Media.
  • Preferably use a hashtag that does not contain your own brand, but is very relevant to the values ​​of your company.


  • The use of too long or complicated hashtags.
  • The use of too many hashtags, which actually becomes too much from 5 hashtags per post.
  • Always use a hashtag, while this is not always necessary.

Social Marketing tip 15: Use a Social Media content calendar. 
Organizing and discovering a schedule for the use of your Social Media may also not be missing in order to be successful. By keeping a so-called Social Media calendar, it is possible to find out what kind of schedule works best for your company. A template can be used for drawing up a Social Media calendar.

Social Marketing tip 16: Increase your Social Media reach by also advertising on Social Media. 
Using Social Media ads to increase your Social Media reach is an opportunity that you as a company should not ignore. Investing in Social Media ads should be an integral part of your strategy. It is wise to first learn how Social Media ads can be used effectively, before you spend a lot of money on it. Here is a row of tips that you can use as a beginner:

  • Analyze first your free Social Media messages that attract a lot of interest right now, because this is a guideline for your investments in Social Media advertisements.
  • Make good use of the possibilities of Social Media to approach those who are interested in a very targeted way.
  • Rotate your advertisements with some regularity so that visitors do not get tired of the same type of advertising.
  • First test your ads for small target groups and then expose them to the mass public when they turn out to be successful.
  • Dedicate yourself in the way different Social Media platforms sell the advertisements, because this does not work the same for every channel.
  • Make sure that visitors can also visit the ads via mobile phones, because that’s the way they view the ads for many users.
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