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Marketing in social networks, nowadays, is a necessity for brands. There is no way to stay out of people’s channels to interact with the world. Therefore, knowing all the platforms to draw up strategies and have the best results is necessary.

The contemporary world is permeated with social networks. It is where many people get information, see family photos, interact with friends, discuss the controversies of the day, and follow the news from the brands they admire.

That is why Marketing on social networks is essential. Businesses that want to communicate and engage with their audience must be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing?

It is a method that involves positioning actions, brand name dissemination, and even sales procedures on social networks.

It involves locating your target market on social media so that your brand name exists in individuals’ day-to-day lives. In this way, you become more known and relevant to your audience, increase interactivity, attract leads and generate more conversions.

While many people think that Social Media Marketing is limited to publishing feed posts, there are many other activities involved:

  • planning;
  • content production;
  • audience interaction;
  • investment in advertising;
  • metrics monitoring ;
  • constant optimization of the strategy.

These are the columns that you have to cover to structure the visibility of your brand in social networks as well as acquire the very best results.

Why do Social Media Marketing?

Since its inception, social networks have become part of the Marketing plans of most companies. They brought proximity to the public that had never existed before, and that transformed the relationship between brands and consumers.

As a result, brands saw countless benefits from participating in this environment and communicating directly with their audience.

Next, we will tell you the main advantages of Marketing in social networks:

Increase the engagement of your audience.

The big difference between social networks and other Marketing channels is the power to interact with people.

The consumer is passive in the face of a TV ad or billboard, but on social media, they can comment, share, message and interact in various ways with just a click.

In addition, consumers remain close to the brand in their daily lives when they browse the platforms, thus growing engagement with it and building stronger relationships.

As a result: a community is created around the brand.

Humanize the brand

Social media are possibilities to reveal behind the scenes of the company, making it clear that individuals make your brand name. You can use friendlier language and conversation with individuals on an equal footing.

On social networks, brands assume an unmistakable position regarding values, attitudes and principles reflected in their content. In this way, they become less mechanical, more human and authentic.

Generate traffic and conversions.

Anyone who thinks social media is just for brand building is wrong. So far, we’ve seen that they help increase reach, engagement, and humanization, but they also contribute directly to the more advanced stages of the buying process.

In the networks, you can promote links from your websites or ecommerce and promote the contents of your blog. There, they can already become leads or customers.

Some social networks offer purchase possibilities on the platform itself, increasing the sale possibilities. Therefore, followers are also real business opportunities.

Study your audience

The proximity given by social networks allows you to get to know your audience better. You can speak with individuals, recognize what they like, and what subjects inspire their involvement.

The systems supply beneficial information about the target market that follows your brand, such as age, gender, place, title, passions, and so on. Additionally, complying with states lets you know what people are discussing and what they consider the brand.

Target ads accurately

Social media marketing systems give valuable target market information. Customers might need to recognize it; however, they are constantly providing info to the platforms regarding what they like the most, what takes place in their life, the profiles they connect with the most and the internet sites they go to.

So the platforms offer this data to advertisers, who spend money on targeted ads and gain the power to reach the audience they want. In this way, advertising investments become more efficient and generate more profitability.

About us:

Each social network, with its particularities, audiences, formats and languages, offers different possibilities of action for brands. So, it is necessary to know the platforms and make a Marketing plan on social networks that is aligned with your company’s objectives.

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