Simple SEO Step By Step

Not every baker on the corner needs to know as much about online marketing as a CoolBlue or However, according to recent research, SMEs in the Netherlands seem to be losing a lot of online opportunities.


It is not that entrepreneurs do not want to. The ambitions are indeed there. But the hours actually spent on social media, SEO and e-mail marketing are far behind the desired results. This is evident from the MKB Online Benchmark 2018 of webtexttool and e-Ziner.

Especially in the field of online findability there is still a world to win. That is why in this article you read 9 immediately executable steps to get more profit from your search engine optimization (SEO).

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The online economy in the Canada has been growing for years. SMEs seem to benefit little from this. Many small and medium-sized companies do not have a picture of how much revenue they achieve online or it is only a limited percentage. A minority scores well online.

For the MKB Online Benchmark 2018 more than three hundred entrepreneurs and marketers from SMEs filled out a questionnaire about their online strategy. More than half have the ambition to use social media more effectively, to improve the website’s return and to be easier to find online through SEA and SEO.

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