SEO Interview Common Questions and Answers

The knowledge graph of the search engine has been known for some time. Now answers to SEO questions are given directly on the SERP, without having to leave them.

SEO Interview Common Questions and Answers

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO includes all actions that lead to optimal placement in Google search results. If you search for “Marketing Agentur Augsburg”, for example, the advertisements will appear, followed by Google Maps, with a list of all agencies in and around Augsburg. Below are the contact details of the individual agencies with links to the website and their telephone numbers. Local SEO not only works by entering the desired location. If you are on the road and you do not have the place name, you will see search results according to the location of the smartphone or the IP of the device.

How important is Local SEO for my company?

Due to the extreme use of smartphones, the importance of Local SEO in the past has increased enormously. According to a survey by the website in 2013 , 37 percent of users poll the Internet to a local company at least once a month. Around one third of searches have a local reference – if you are looking for a good Italian, ask Google. The users want to recognize the added value of the company directly. Often already enough pictures and videos. Authenticity and honesty are the cornerstones of a good local SEO.

What does a good OnPage optimization look like?

OnPage optimization always includes content and keywords. So if you want to promote your company, you should not be cautious with website SEO. Make sure that your keywords are regularly and logically distributed in the text. This also means that as “Marketing Agentur Augsburg” you do not have to use these three words exclusively in just that order in the text. It is quite sufficient if the individual words are divided on the text and the combination of all three occurs once or twice. In addition, all important information should appear in such a way that it becomes directly visible to the user. N ame, A dresse and Telefonnummer (NAP) must be in the Google snippet immediately apparent.Attention! No matter where the information is stored, pay attention to a consistent spelling!

How does the location affect the ranking?

Unfortunately, if you do not plan a move soon with your company, this factor is hardly optimizable. For local SEO, Google uses only the companies that are located in the city you are looking for. The postcode is usually sufficient for this. These companies are by Google in the ranking quite preferred. Anyone who does not plan an SEO technical move can still be reassured. It is often better to be close to the personal target group and to be well connected by public transport. Therefore always add a description of your website!

Where should you place your business?

With all the optimizations in Local SEO you should not forget that there are also OffPage optimizations that you must not forget. Social media is the first point of contact for this. Connect with your audience and add buttons to your website. This facilitates the sharing of your content and promotes recommendations from satisfied customers. Also, an account on Google+ and Google My Business is hugely important for visibility in Google search results. The Google Accounts network with each other, which is why a constant control of timeliness is important. Many interested parties first read the reviews of other customers before they decide to make contact. Check your Internet presence on heart, kidneys and honesty before it goes online! Forget about all the social networks but not the placement in the usual business directories. When it comes to companies and their locations, directories rank among the top rankings among search results.

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