Private Blog Networks

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Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Networks

PBNs are groupings of several sites owned by a third party. Some PBNs are created using free blogging platforms, including,, and A PBN is usually designed from an expired domain name. These terms refer to an existing domain that belongs to a third party that another person can purchase.

PBN is a strategy to optimize SEO. To do this, the owner develops backlinks to on-site networks. Creating links on websites to a particular site promotes its natural referencing. However, this strategy requires prior verification of the quality of the links.

 The objectives of the PBN are threefold

  • On the one hand, raise the money site in Google search results. The money site designates the site to be positioned in the first rankings of search engine results. A PBN site can become a money site thanks to a good SEO strategy.</li>
  • On the other hand, it generates more traffic. With better Google positioning, good notoriety on social networks, and the right keywords, a site pushed by a PBN network generates a high traffic rate. In this case, it is possible to redirect the site to the money site.</li>
  • Finally, optimize the brand image. To do this, companies create advice blogs and promote their activities on social networks. These strategies enable reaching new targets and building loyalty among Internet users.

How PBNs work

The PBN is established according to a reasonably simple operating method. The basic principle is that the quality and quantity of backlinks are criteria for ranking websites in search engines. However, positioning your website on the first page requires having good backlinks. PBN allows you to provide numerous quality backlinks without carrying out overly tedious tasks. Thanks to PBNs, you have total control over the links since you own the websites that link to you. In other words, you have to design many different websites. The latter receives several links redirecting to the money site.

To simplify, PBN is similar to a site dealing with a subject that redirects to a referring site. How links are distributed is essential to a linking strategy through PBN. These links must appear natural to Google so they do not consider them spam. The risk of penalization from Google is not an obstacle to adopting this natural referencing strategy.

PBN involves link building that goes against Google guidelines. Google is, therefore, entitled to sanction you if it discovers that you have a network of websites linking to your leading site. You then risk deindexing your PBN sites.

Methods to find expired domain names

A good expired domain name has interesting metrics (indicators used to estimate the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign). In addition, some expired domain names benefit from significant SEO potential thanks to their backlink profile. These are a set of external links that search engines consider natural. Indeed, these links can be of good quality.

If you have obtained backlinks on authority sites, you will have a head start compared to your expired domain name. However, some domains contain questionable links. In the worst case, it is possible to come across a domain name used as a link farm to illegally increase the SEO of the site. Furthermore, reusing a backlink profile for another online project depends on the quality of the link. Several tools available on the web have been designed to judge the quality of all the links on a site.

 One method to find an expired domain name is to crawl entire sites and take note of any external links to an unresponsive domain. Once all these domains are registered, you can check if they are available. Manually, this work could be more exciting and require many hours of research. You can use APIs to directly and quickly check whether these domain names are available.

If you notice that the domain name is not renewed, it can be purchased from a registrar such as OVH. To benefit from the SEO power of this domain name, you must quickly recover it to avoid deindexing by Google.

There are no criteria for qualifying the best domain names. The Internet offers many sites for identifying expired domain names, including ExpiredDomaines, Dynadot, NameJet, and SnapNames. ExpiredDomaines displays a list of expired domain names.

Other tools, including PBN Premium, also offer a search for expired domain names. However, it is imperative to remain vigilant about specific domain names used to spam Internet users.

Use PBN to create sites.

How do you use PBN and create sites? Some precautions are necessary before starting the construction of a PBN-type website.

 The first operation consists of completing a complete assessment of the state of the site’s net linking (number of hyperlinks on the site). In addition, it is necessary to determine the type of PBN to build.

The different types of PBN

There are three types of PBN:

  • Single pages (composed of two to three pages)
  • Sites composed of around ten pages focused on a specific theme
  • Sites containing more than 10 pages, not necessarily themed. These were put in place to increase traffic and optimize the positioning of the money site

After locating and purchasing expired domain names, it is necessary to establish the content and semantic axis.

Practical Tips for Building a PBN Network

When creating your PBN sites, it is essential to apply specific rules.

  • Avoid posting simultaneously on all sites
  • Maintain links between a few sites only and not across all sites
  • Weave URL and Image links into some of the pages. Links to authority sites are recommended. As far as possible, vary the types of links as well as the content
  • Avoid any site-wide links, but only links embedded in the text
  • Each page must contain a maximum of 5 outgoing links to maintain the natural link profile and not arouse suspicion
  • All outgoing links on a single page must point to authority sites whose themes are relevant to the content
  • First create several pages before weaving a link between the domain and your Money site</li>

The importance of content to build your PBNs

Articles on a PBN site must cover the same theme as the money site to which the link will be made. A place of this type requires original texts without duplicate content. In addition, content spinning (a method of reformulating a sentence to get its main idea strictly) should be avoided. Indeed, Google quickly detects articles with spin content, significantly since this method deteriorates the quality of the text.

The texts must appear natural just as much as the site. Regular publication is essential. Infographics, videos, and images make reading more accessible and help understanding while being interesting from an SEO point of view. Finally, a few pages are also necessary to enrich the sites, in particular the “About,” “Contact Us,” “advertising,” “events/Workshop,” “advice,” “resources,” “privacy policy,” “terms of use,” “FAQ (Frequently asked questions),” etc.

The technical details of building a PBN site

The different settings for building a PBN site concern the technical details of building a PBN-type site. These settings include:

Setting up a server. This first step aims to host the site, and the server ensures the content is online. Some servers are paid, while others are free. The price of hosting is based on the quality of the host’s services as well as the needs of the site.

PBN installation and configuration. This second step consists of installing and configuring the PBN. Configuration includes setting up the IP address and CMS. Also, the number of sites depends on the server capacity.

Management of the network of private PBN sites. Managing the network of private sites involves regular updating of the entire network. It is therefore necessary to publish articles diffusely over time, ensure the site’s maintenance, modify the site’s theme according to new trends, etc.

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