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Mobile Application Development in Miami

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Design and Development of Mobile Applications in Miami

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Types of web applications

CRM applications

Manage all the information related to your clients and commercials.

CRM applications allow controlling B2B and B2C business relationships in their entirety. They record any type of necessary information: pending tasks, conversations held, upcoming actions, notifications, client documentation , etc. Thanks to the information it collects, it facilitates daily commercial tasks, allows monitoring of the commercial process and knowing the volume of sales through reports and statistics.

ERP applications

Control all the resources of your business from the same application.

Comprehensively control all the resources of your business from the same application. ERP applications allow managing different resources and business processes by integrating the information generated by them in a single system: customers, suppliers, billing, collections and payments , etc. We develop agile and customized ERP so that it adapts completely to what your business needs.

ECM applications

Manage the contents and documents of your company.

Create your particular Dropbox, customized for your company. 
ECM applications allow centralized management and editing of company documents. They have multiple levels of access by users and enable the sharing of information.


Encourage the organization and internal communication of your company.

An Intranet can be the key to improving the organization and internal communication of your company. At Solbyte we create customized tools that improve the productivity and coordination of a company by organizing the different internal processes and the relationships between departments.

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Why Do You Need Web Application Designing Services?

Today, the development of applications and the implementation of customized web systemshave become the technological basis of modern companies. To develop this type of digital platforms is to invest in efficiency , since the benefits they can provide improve not only the processes but also the functional and commercial scope of the brand. In this post, we will see what are the key contributions of a web or desktop application  and how they differ from an online site.

Nowadays, companies rely more and more on adopting a system that automates their processesand improves the treatment of their products, so the development of a web application or desktop is no longer an alternative to become an almost essential requirement . Companies are adapting continuously and rapidly to the changes that occur in the environment due to the high competition and the changing dynamics of the market, and the challenge that these platforms pose is enormous for those firms willing to take advantage of them.

In this increasingly dynamic, globalized and interconnected context, it is important that you have tools that allow you to simplify tasks and processes , and communicate in a more direct and agile way with your collaborators, allies and clients. In fact, when it comes to the development of business management systems, one of its great advantages is that it replaces manual procedures that consume a lot of time and energy from the work team.

For example, when carrying out a web application with customer registration , you can take a very detailed account of purchases, pending payments, billing, and even information about the type of products you consume and which might interest you to be complementary or additional. Undoubtedly, this type of data is very valuable to have a thorough knowledge of your consumers and plan what other actions or options it is possible to provide according to their tastes, consumption habits and needs .

Generally, companies already have a desktop APP, such as a management system, so the benefits of going to the web are enormous: they no longer need installers, they are not subject to periodic updates, they only require a computer that opens a browser to work from anywhere in the world and stimulate productive collaboration.

With the reduction of these processes that manually take three times, it is possible to devote more time to other activities within your company, as well as allocate resources to market different products or services, and thus, reach new markets and customers! To take this big step, let’s see what are the specific differences that make these web or desktop developments noticeable  and what are some of their most outstanding utilities.

ABC in development: website, web system and desktop application

Although the terms website and web system sound similar and many people use it without any distinction, the truth is that they do not imply or fulfill the same functions, but rather they are platforms with specific purposes that respond to very different needs. Let’s start by differentiating both concepts: in short, a website is a set of static pages that deliver information , while a web application is a primarily interactive platform that focuses on users performing certain actions .

We have already said in previous articles that the main objective of a website is to deliver relevant information ; For this reason, consuming content through interconnected pages is the most important task that users do in this type of platform, as well as contact or subsequent conversion given the extraordinary proposal that brings the brand closer.

On the contrary, the main objective of a web application is for the user to perform a task . For this, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and even some free open source software such as  Symfony , Django or Meteor ,  IDE or development environments are used to make apps that allow to strengthen an interactive platform focused on users making various actions .

Created and installed not on a platform or operating system but hosted on an Internet serverand even on an intranet (local network), these web systems can be similar in appearance to online sites frequented daily, but the truth is that they have powerful functionalities to provide specific answers to the needs of users.

The main contribution of these systems, both desktop and web, is that they work with databases that allow to process and display information dynamically , something that undoubtedly yields an enormous benefit not only for the companies that use them but basically for the users that assiduously operate within them.

In addition, they can be used in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, among others) regardless of the operating system and no prior installation is needed on the computersince users connect to the server where the system is hosted. These differences are clearly reflected in the costs, in the speed of obtaining the information, in the optimization of the tasks by the users and in the stable scalable management .

When a web or desktop application becomes a rockstar

In this case, if a business is concerned with the sale of clothing, such as winter jackets or trendy shoes for women between 20 and 45 years old, a system can not only self-administer the attention to the consumer but also the logistics part referring to inventories, orders and shipping of merchandise.

If your case is similar, from a user registry the web or desktop application can generate a database that gives you the benefit of knowing how many clients you have to date, define each of them according to their profile, history of purchase (for the management of discounts for being a frequent customer) or useful data (birthdays and anniversaries) to generate a good relationship based on emails to the accounts of users to congratulate them, send them the offer of the month or to answer their questions and answer your comments. An unbeatable loyalty!

But also, a web or desktop system can be developed for the employees themselves, allies, partners or franchisees . Thus, a health center such as a clinic or a specialized institute can provide medical professionals the ability to enter from any place at any time to check a patient’s history or to analyze a new diagnostic imaging that has been requested. Something that, without a doubt, contributes to preventive and personalized attention .

And not to mention the simplicity that these applications have for the business model currently in vogue, the franchise: a commercial network format in which it is possible not only to enter orders , but to keep a comparative record among the different units to identify common patterns of consumption , areas of maximum profitability or loss, and keep a daily record of operations and periodic distributions .

Do you need more examples? A web or desktop application can also be developed for  a VIP section as if it were a community made up of prominent users who have the privilege of accessing specific content. Also, it is feasible to create a forum or chat that answers the most frequent questions that users have about a service , this type of section being an ideal channel to share experiences, discuss features, reveal shortcuts and give keys to optimize performance.

After all, the possibilities of thematic development within the system are as variable as the very nature of the business. You just need to analyze carefully the need for your brand, to know if fulfilling or carrying out a web application or desktop is the most advisable or it will be better to do without it. Then, the platform will acquire your commercial essence, either to manage online reservations, have a management system or orders, use a search engine to know the properties that are already rented and since when, or offer a job pool in which employees and employers coexist for the decision making and the follow-up of the applications.

In fact, a system  can even be used as a quote and automatically make a quote by calculating the number of pieces you indicate, apply a discount or provide the updated data of the currency exchange after connecting to the internet. Processes that you previously performed manually, the APP can perform them by analyzing large amounts of information and delivering, through specialized reports, synthesized data that will help you to make decisions .

In your business, are there enough reasons to create and develop a system?

A web or desktop application within the commercial ecosystem is undoubtedly very useful for companies, industries, and even part of the scientific, legal and political sector. All this, without forgetting that the logistics part is one of the most attractive benefits of the development of a customized system because it saves time, money and improves efficiency . Its value lies in contributing to the standardization and automation of processes , as well as ensuring greater security, comfort, flexibility, accessibility and effective control from any point with access to the Internet.

Applying technology, processes and intelligence about a business should not be understood as an end in itself, but as a means to reach business objectives . A well-focused and properly managed development can help your company to be more competitive , increase its production and distribution capacity, streamline ordering processes , improve the decision – making of users and provide relevant information at the correct time to the professionals that are part of it

If you are thinking about opting for the development of a web or desktop application for your company, at Arkido Web we can help you to carry it forward looking to save costs, maximize time and optimize resources. Thus, you will not only increase your profitability but you will be able to modernize your orders or invoices, and better manage the link with your customers, suppliers, distributors and strategic partners. Finally, one thing will lead to the other: by offering more quality services, your users will keep it in mind and recommend your processes to others, achieving a high degree of trust and reputation that not only increases your conversion ratio but also the possibility of Scale the number of sales.