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Magento Tool For The Design And Development Of Online Stores

Magento Mastery: E-Store Design & Development

With the help of the open-source electronic commerce platform Magento, you can create various projects, including the online sale of goods. Magento Magento enables the creation of fully customized online stores and the management of goods and sales. It is a modular, highly flexible, and scalable content manager. It is supported by a very active and extensive community of developers.


Magento presents functionalities that are similar to other open-source platforms.

  • Possibility of design customization
  • multilanguage support
  • Cross-platform capability (manage multiple stores from a single administration panel)
  • Total and complete management of catalog and product sheet
  • Customer Management
  • Various forms of payment and shipping
  • Inventory and stock control
  • Possibility of comments and ratings
  • Web and CMS: 2 in 1

Inventory and stock control

Magento allows you to configure products based on inventory. This possibility is independent of each product. It can be decided that some products work considering an initial stock and others do not. It is when introducing a product when, if desired, an initial store can be set that will decrease as customers purchase it. Magento allows you to manage inventory and set alerts when it falls below specific figures.

Magento Product Management

The way to present the products is essential for the success of a web page. Magento allows products to be displayed in the most attractive, informative, and communicative way possible. Magento includes advanced web 2.0 features. That enables interaction with the customer. You can allow the products to be commented on and rated by customers (the ratings and opinions of customers can be accepted or rejected by the administrator). The product sheet can be designed according to the product.

Magento product images

Magento allows you to insert one or multiple product photos and includes advanced dynamic zoom tools for detailed viewing. Using optional Magento modules, Magento advanced zoom will enable us to view the same product in different colors or finishes. The implementation of the photos is done intuitively. It does not require previously resizing the images since Magento adapts the resolution of the pictures and auto-adjusts their proportions.

Magento Product Sheet

The informative part of the product is essential; Magento allows you to show a first definition or brief description of the product and includes a technical sheet where you can expand the information. The product sheet can be made to measure, adapting to the particularities of each product.

Features at the time of purchase

The client has an area of ​​favorite products where he can add the products he selects as candidates. You can also compare them with each other to finish setting the candidate product through a comparison list system. These two features are handy in customer decision-making.

Product positioning

It is essential to position the store as a whole, but it is also essential to be able to set each product independently. Magento allows you to optimize positioning in depth. In the product file, we can insert the appropriate metatags:

  • Keywords or keywords
  • Description or description
  • Title or title of the page

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