Instagram: How Does It Benefit Your Marketing Strategy?

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Instagram: How Does It Benefit Your Marketing Strategy?

InstaBoost: Marketing Magic Unleashed!

The digital environment has facilitated contact between brands and consumers. With the rise of social networks, the content that brands have been generating went into the background; the global phenomenon of communication 2.0 is here to stay. Social media has allowed consumers to group according to their interests, which brands must take advantage of to achieve the necessary approach for success.

Social networks like Instagram, which already has over 100 million users worldwide, are among the most powerful tools for boosting your visual marketing strategy on social networks. Using images in a world where “a picture is worth a thousand words” has allowed businesses to understand that the instantaneity of this network can do a lot for your brand.

Instagram and brands

The use of hashtags and tagging has become a unique tool to position brands, products, and services segmented according to the target in the target market. The definition of the buyer persona is the previous step for brands, and that is when Instagram, which is the case that concerns us on this occasion, becomes the means to reach that person.

This social network represents an excellent visual channel with many possibilities for brands. Good-quality images and videos are imperative, as is knowing what your target audience is attentive to. The engagement you can get through a coherent and creative message is unlimited. Remember that it is a channel allowing you to interact more with your target.

Content marketing becomes more relevant with this social network. The effect of the audiovisual content you publish on this network will be divided chiefly into “nice” content and funny content. Generally, an image with a humorous tone does not necessarily have to be pretty, but both categories have the same goal: generating engagement.

Including Instagram in your Content Marketing strategy is very useful since content with visual components outperforms content without; people respond better to a visual stimulus. In other words, photographs and videos are content that obtains the best response on social networks.

Instagram Benefits

Increase your website traffic.

Thanks to its ability to achieve visibility, it is an excellent option for growing visits to your website since the holidays received by your Instagram profile can be redirected to your website, blog, online store, or wherever you want.

By adding the URL of your website in the biography of your Instagram profile or including a watermark with the URL in the photos, posting photos of the latest blog posts, the latest products launched, and reviews from your customers, you are making public the existence of your business to possible leads.

Increased engagement

The level of user interaction with the brand and its content is among the highest compared to other networks, even higher than Facebook. Instagram is a platform on which users search for new and creative content. Using appropriate hashtags is the best strategy to increase much-desired engagement.

Know and reach your audience.

Instagram is a social network that facilitates direct contact with your audience; interacting with it will allow you to find information and think of new ways to approach it effectively. And not only that, but you can inspire your followers regarding areas related to your performance and your sector.

It allows you to attract the attention of potential leads.

On Instagram, users search for new content from other users to whom they don’t have to be directly connected. On Instagram, you’re not just following the people and brands you know but looking for new content to communicate with. The app makes it easy for users to discover new photos, new accounts, and of course, new brands.

Generate sales at a low cost.

Promoting your products is driven by the virality capacity of this social network. It is an imaginative way for potential buyers to access your items and consume your content. You do not need professional photographers; Previous research on your target audience will help you know what images and videos to post.

Instagram Stories

This latest acquisition by the social network and as a strategy to capture a niche that Snapchat was already seducing has caused a stir not only because of its features and the power it gives to the already well-positioned network but also because of what advanced and the possibilities it gives to current businesses.

Instagram stories can be beneficial in the Content Marketing strategy of your business. Even though they do not serve to attract new followers, since only those who follow you can see your stories, it is beneficial to connect emotionally with your community, invite them to become customers, and build loyalty.

“Marketing is no longer about the things you sell but about the stories you tell” This statement by Seth Godin has become more valid with Instagram Stories. People remember others and brands by the stories through which they relate to them. The stories you tell about your brand inspire those who see them.

This network update lets you take your followers behind the scenes and give them a sneak peek at what your brand will bring. By letting them see some changes that will be made on your website or by allowing them to meet your office team, to name a few examples, you not only build a relationship with the consumer but also help disseminate your campaigns.

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