How To Identify If You Invest In Effective SEO?

If you have read this far, it is because you aim to implement a winning SEO strategy; You do not want to waste your time or your money.

For that reason, before launching to ask for budgets or to eat the head with what plan you are going to start up, analyze the situation and define what economic objectives you want to achieve for your next 12 months of activity.
Do not impose your goals to a shorter term, because SEO is slow, and although it requires small, short-term goals that are taking work in the right direction, thinking further will motivate you much more when it comes to investing.
That said, do you think if we see what those tasks that you cannot go through without carrying out and what are the tools that you have to control to have everything well tied are?

Works To Be Carried Out Or Minimum Necessary Services

How To Identify If You Invest In Effective SEO?These tasks will be part of the investment to be made (either in time or money), because, as I always say, for a project to be profitable it must be sustained by a solid strategy based on the best available resources.

Think that a well-planned strategy is the one that contemplates:

  1. Web audit: this service is part of the main stage of any SEO strategy, in which the state of the domain is previously analyzed and, later, a complete audit is carried out to know where to act.
  2. The study of the market: to understand what the opportunities are based on the volume of keywords most sought after in the sector and, even, contemplate the possibility of expanding the target market in the medium / long term.
  3. The implementation and optimization On Page: with all the data obtained from the previous tasks of the life cycle of the SEO, the solutions must be realized integrally through web programming.
  4. The control of organic positions: here the power of the authority of the different internal URLs of a web ( PA = Page Authority ), as well as the home page ( DA = Domain Authority ), is contemplated. This notoriety gives the necessary strength to be able to compete in the SERPs or not.
  5. Obtaining monthly situation reports many of the tools that I will tell you later (or the vast majority), return complete reports to monetize an SEO strategy.
  6. The monitoring of the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual project: the consultants and the agencies are in charge of reporting on all this evolution based on analytical reports prepared. From this information, it is from where decisions are made regarding subsequent practices, as well as budget revisions.
  7. The generation of authority through methods Off-Page: among the most popular, the link building (more info in our post on link juice ), through which power is transferred through links from external pages. The most delicate part of this process is knowing the market well and knowing how to manage relationships with other web administrators.

If you decide to have the support of professionals in SEO, try to make sure that they will meet the minimum requirements and keep you informed of everything that is being done, as well as what is not working.

SEO is unpredictable, but the key is not always to wait for the success of each practice set in motion, but to know how to detect in time what does not work and that, therefore, will not take the project to the summit once the time has passed. Dear.

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