How to grow your business through SEO

Capturing customers through the Internet is not an easy task, as is the case with catching offline customers. We should be very clear about the objectives we want to achieve, what kind of clients we focus on and how we are going to do them too, first, impact or reach our potential public, capture their attention, convert them into customers, and finally, prescribers.

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One of the online marketing channels we have to attract customers through our website is web positioning (SEO). The results in this type of campaign will not be seen in the short term, but we need some months (depending on the market niche) to start seeing results. Similarly, the results are more durable in time than in other types of campaigns, such as online advertising, since at the time you stop investing the return is usually zero after that. These types of problems are not as pronounced in SEO.

Then we will detail some points that should be very clear if we intend to grow our company through web positioning (SEO).

What will I position? You must be very clear that you are going to post yourself, be it your services, the name of your company, your name as a professional, etc.

Do not forget Local SEO: positioning yourself in your geographic area is usually a particularly profitable strategy.
Keywords long tail: the level of competition of generic keywords may be too high and make your SEO strategy unprofitable. It is essential to determine the return on investment; we must know what we can expect in monetary terms, that is, business, of each of the keywords we have decided to work on in our SEO strategy.
Watch your online reputation: let’s say your potential customers (those who do not know you) find you by SEO. They see your website attractive, and when they want to know more about you and your company looking for your name or the name of your company, they find bad comments that leave your reputation in tatters. The potential customer hesitates and may not call you. This type of situation can make you think that your SEO strategy is not good, when in fact the problem is on another site, in your online reputation.

Work the rest of the channels: as they say, do not put all the eggs in the same basket. Your customers may search for your services in Google, that you come out well positioned, interest them, do a search of your company name and that there, your competition is appearing through ads (SEM). This practice, which is legal. On the other hand, can make us lose customers. As we could name many others, with minimal attention to the rest of the online marketing channels, we could avoid the flight of customers.

Measure your results and redirect: even if your SEO campaign works, it is likely that you still have room for improvement. Always, always, you have to measure, test and evaluate if it is worth introducing changes in the SEO strategy. Web analytics is your great ally.

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These are the main points you must take into account when working on a profitable SEO strategy that allows you to grow sustainably in the long term. Every company is a world, and each sector has its peculiarities. Consequently, if what we want is for our company to grow through the acquisition of customers through web positioning, we must adjust the entire campaign and investment in each channel to the needs and requirements of the sector and the company.

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