How do you choose the best internet browser?

An internet browser plays the most improtant part in SEO, It is really improtant for any web designing company in bangalore or SEO company to know how to apply the browser compatibility. A browser is the portal to the worldwide web, both on mobile and on the laptop. The ideal browser makes pages load faster or offers other extras for an optimal user experience. Which browser is the ideal choice for you? Radar compares 7 Internet browsers for desktops and laptops.

You often do not stop at your Internet browser: a web page surrounded with an address bar to enter hyperlinks, plus usually a bar for your favorite websites. Yet the internet browsers differ in performance and extra functionalities that you can use.

The browsers in this overview all have their own advantages and disadvantages. A good internet browser contains the functionalities you need, but is mainly a matter of taste.

How do you set up a standard browser?

You can set your own default browser on almost all computers that run on Windows (from Microsoft) or MacOS (from Apple). For example, if you click on a link in an email, this link opens automatically in your default browser.

You can change your default browser by going to settings in your browser of your choice. Here is usually a link to set your current browser as the default browser. In Windows 10 you have to go to the settings of your computer to change your default browser. On the Settings screen, click Apps> Standard apps> Web browser. Select your browser here.

Google Chrome

Chrome, Google’s Internet browser, is the world ‘s most popular Internet browser . This is largely because the browser synchronizes with your Google account, so you can access your favorite websites and your browsing history anywhere (including on your mobile). In addition, Chrome is a very fast browser that is also designed minimalist so that you are not distracted unnecessarily while surfing.

Chrome also contains a store full of useful extensions. Through these optional extensions you can immediately see how many new e-mails you have without having to go to your e-mail program, save web pages so that you can read them later or activate an adblocker. Through an adblocker you can block annoying advertisements on websites.

However, Chrome also has disadvantages. First of all, the browser requires a lot of computational power from your computer, so it is not a suitable choice on less powerful computers. In addition, Google uses your internet history to improve your search results, ads and other Google products. This sharing can also be turned off , but the idea that Google has access to your browsing history is not equally pleasant for everyone.


The market share of Firefox has decreased in recent years, but this open source web browser – which has been developed by hundreds of volunteers – is the second largest browser worldwide, after Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Firefox gets an update every six weeks to keep the browser as safe and fast as possible. The internet browser contains handy extensions just like Chrome to provide you with all the comfort you need. In terms of performance, Firefox scores in the middle. Firefox deviates in terms of design from the competition. For example, the browser still has a separate search bar. In other browsers (but also in Firefox) you can also simply search by entering a term in the address bar.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer and comes standard on Windows 10 devices. Edge is also the standard browser in Windows 10, but is not supported by other operating systems at the same time.

Edge is a fast browser that also looks nice. The design matches the appearance of Windows 10. Unfortunately, the number of available extensions is not very high. Furthermore, with Edge, Microsoft mainly focuses on websites that run on modern website techniques, which can prevent older pages from being displayed or not displayed properly.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Until mid-2016, Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser worldwide. This is largely due to the fact that Internet Explorer has been the default browser on Windows computers since the nineties and the majority of Windows users have not opted for a different browser.

Internet Explorer is a well-optimized browser for Windows computers, which is also fast and powerful. In addition, Internet Explorer requires less processing power than Chrome or Firefox, for example, under similar circumstances. The biggest limitation of Internet Explorer is the support of extensions, or rather the lack of this.

Apple Safari

Safari is Apple’s counterpart to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge. Safari is the default browser on Apple devices.

The browser focuses in particular on the privacy of its users. On her site, the company describes this as follows: ‘Privacy and security is not something you should hope for, it is something you should expect.’

According to Apple, the browser on the Mac is a lot more powerful than its competition. Moreover, you could use your battery longer if you surf with Safari, instead of Chrome or Firefox.


The sixth browser in our overview is Opera. This browser has a worldwide market share of only about one and a half percent, but Opera nevertheless offers a lot of functionalities.

Opera has a beautiful and minimalistic look and also contains a lot of useful functions. The browser has a built-in adblocker, a battery saving mode and chat services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are built into a sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Opera also includes a Turbo mode. With this mode you save a lot of data and with this you can keep surfing while you are on a very slow internet connection. This is because the mode compresses the data that you consume, so that you can even use the Internet on an unstable connection in, for example, that one coffee shop.


A strange duck is Vivaldi. This relative newcomer is not the fastest, or most powerful browser. Vivaldi also lags behind the competition in support of extensions.

Nevertheless, this browser offers something unique compared to the competition: you can fully customize the appearance of Vivaldi. From choosing the color to moving the address bar. You can configure the browser exactly as you want. According to the American company Vivaldi you need a personal browser, because you spend a lot of time on the web. Vivaldi also includes a built-in note function.

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