How Can I Get Google Certification For SEO

Oyez, see. I, undersigned Gabrielle Denis, director of Editoile, am now certified Google Analytics! This certification, awarded directly by Google, validates my knowledge of this tool that allows to analyze website statistics.

This “certification” is not really one in the sense of the regulation of diplomas in USA, but it has a commercial impact on prospects and customers who regularly ask you if you are “Google SEO certified”. There you have a diploma paper to show them with your name and the Google logo on it. This can also strengthen your resume if you are looking for a job.

If you also want to get this Google Analytics certification , which is free, online and easy to succeed with a little work, I’ll explain how I went step by step.

1. Take Google Analytics Academy courses
First of all, I started with the free online courses of the Google Analytics Academy . Just have a Gmail account to connect to.

I sincerely recommend these video lessons! Very progressive, the learning curriculum includes several educational modules:

Google Analytics for beginners
Advanced Google Analytics Course
Get started with Google Analytics 360 (Update July 7, 2018: This tool will soon be part of the Google Marketing Platform)
Google Tag Manager basics
Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions (select “US English (EN_US)” at the bottom right of the screen to display this last course)
Each module is divided into 3 or 4 units. Each unit includes several videos, step-by-step demonstrations of the tool, links to resources, and Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQs).

Rest assured: no need to speak fluently English to follow the training. While videos and demos are produced in English, they are subtitled in French. Everything else is written in French, including text transcripts of videos (very useful for editing).

If you want to go further or deepen some concepts, you can click on the links at the end of each chapter that link to pages in the Google Analytics Help Center .

Frankly, this training has taught me a lot of things about Google Analytics, as I have been practicing this free website measurement tool for years .

Training is free and online, without prerequisites. It is enough “to register and to motivate oneself! 🙂

2. Evaluate your knowledge, always on Google Analytics Academy
At the end of each exercise, you can take an assessment quiz in French, with 10 more or less complex questions. At least 80% of correct answers must be obtained to validate the unit. This evaluation is not very difficult to succeed because it can be repeated as many times as you want (with the same questions).

If you pass all the evaluations of a module, you get a kind of “certificate of achievement” that “certifies that you have successfully completed the Google Analytics course”. Strangely, we can not download it in pdf, just take a screenshot.

You can view this certificate, valid for one year, in your private profile on Google Analytics Academy. Unfortunately, it does not have an “official” URL accessible to everyone online. Its reinsurance value with customers is therefore limited, since it is not verifiable by a third party.

3. Place Google Analytics Individual Qualification on Academy for Ads
To be truly Google Analytics certified, that is, to obtain the Google Analytics IQ (Individual Qualification) , you must pass another exam on another brand new website: Academy for Ads . Previously, this review was done on Google Partners (MAJ July 7, 2018).

Once you’ve earned the Google Analytic Academy Certificate of Achievement, sign in with your Gmail account at Academy for Ads to retest. Good to know: You do not need to have taken all the modules of Google Analytics Academy to succeed: only the first two modules are required for the exam.

This MCQ is a little more complicated to obtain than the previous ones … It is necessary to answer 70 questions in a limited time (90 minutes anyway) and to get at least 80% of the right answers. If we miss it, we can iron it but only after a fortnight.

We then obtain a certification valid for 18 months. Unluckily, it is no longer possible to share a link to its accreditation, as was previously possible in Google Partners. You can not share a public URL to your certification on your LinkedIn profile or website. It’s a shame!

We can still download a pdf ” Google Analytics Qualification Individual SEO Certification,” oddly called “Completion Award” in the interface. This document mentions your name, the date of the exam, a “completion number” and the validity period, with the Google logo.

In all, it took me about three weeks to complete all the course modules and take the exam, half an hour to an hour a day.

4. Or take a “Mastering Google Analytics” course in Bordeaux
And if you prefer a more classical training in face-to-face with a human being, know that I added a training “Mastering Google Analytics” to the catalog of Editorial Academy, our training organization. Yes, we also have our academy, but with “i.e.” at the end.

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