Historical Evolution of Online Marketing: Advantages for Large and Small Businesses

Internet marketing or online marketing. Undoubtedly a subject that is very fashionable, but what is it and in truth what is it? How has it evolved and what are the advantages it offers for large, small, old or new businesses, how profitable it is and the type of investment needed?

Let’s take a look at this topic of online marketing and see how useful it is to use the Internet to promote a business. The exciting thing about this activity is that it involves a whole gear where blogs or websites, social networks, ads paid on previous sites and the same search engines can be affected (so it can include both SEO and SEM). ). Later we will see what these terms imply as their advantages.

What is Internet Marketing (Marketing Online)?

Internet marketing consisted of applying the traditional marketing strategies in the online world but adapted to the Internet environment. Procedures are modified and combined with others that are directly the result of the evolution of the ways of doing business on the Internet.

One of its advantages is that it allows establishing new forms of contact with current customers or potential customers or target market. We can cite benefits such as Presence of company, Knowledge, Interaction, Attract and retain through SEO Services Company In Bangalore and SEM, Evaluation, Constant analysis, Create an image (branding), Omnipresence, Savings in capital investment and measurement of results in time real.

According to a Wikipedia publication: Internet marketing is the study of the techniques of using the Internet to promote and sell products and services. These strategies and tactics are embodied in an online marketing plan that includes pay-per-click advertising, ads on websites, mass mailings, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), use of the Social Media Marketing or social networks and the marketing of blogs or blogs.

Internet marketing started in the early 90s in the form of simple web pages, which only contained text and offered product information. At the end of the 90s, the so-called “webmercials” arose in the United States (due to the combination of the terms “commercial” and “web”).

The new way of advertising arose from the need of the prominent newspapers to compete effectively with the growing digital media. The most recent step in this evolution was the creation of entire businesses that operate from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services.

The Evolution of Internet Marketing: Its History

It is also known as “digital marketing,” it evolved (as it is logical to think) of traditional marketing, of those ways in which a product was promoted, it was offered and motivated to the people so that they knew it and were interested in making the purchase. On the Internet, the forms of advertising had to adapt to this new environment.

In summary (which is no more than that), thanks to the fact that the scenario on the Internet is different, the strategies are by their demands that are far from the physical world. For example; On the Internet, customers are increasingly interested in knowing and establishing communications with brands.

The evolution of the Internet itself produced the development of marketing; it was at that precise moment that companies realized the need to adapt and change if they wanted to be successful. Otherwise, they would be left behind. If society and its forms of interactions vary, the way of marketing products and services have to change as well.

In this new scenario, we must highlight the great importance of social networks; these were the ideal push. When the first social networks appeared, the world was amazed to see how we could share experiences, video images with friends and family or strangers anywhere in the world that had an Internet connection.

In short, the emergence and success of social networks had a lot to do with the evolution of online marketing. The companies saw their advantages: the opportunity to sell, get informed, establish communicative relationships, interact directly and study trends, tastes and needs of the public that makes use of these means of social interaction.

The evolution of the Internet, but accompanied by the rise of social networks and their users, the knowledge on the part of companies of the competitive advantages of these changes, all this is what gave rise to online marketing as we know it today. , but that is also accompanied by other terms such as: digital, electronic and even virtual.

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