Get started now with your SEO in steps

Do you belong to the group that wants to attract more customers online, but has done little with search engine optimization?


Then you can start your SEO strategy in Bangalore with the steps below. That seems complicated, but it is not too bad in practice.

# 1 Enough time

With an hour per week – or even a month – you will not be able to win the internet visitor. How much time you exactly need, depends of course on the desired result.

Try to compare the number of hours you spend on online marketing with the percentage of sales that you want to achieve online.

Ask yourself how much time you (employees) can make free of SEO activities and how much you can outsource.

Incidentally, you will have to spend a lot more hours at the start of setting up an SEO strategy than later in implementing it.

# 2 Set goals

Who sees his website mainly as a business card, does not spend much time on search engine optimization. In any case, ensure that you register with Google My Business and clearly state the name of your company in the title of your web pages. That way you automatically come to the top of Google when someone types in your name. The problem is that this often does not happen.

# 3 Keywords to score with

But what does that mean exactly ‘higher in the ranking’. How do you know what your target audience is looking for in Google? Better than making assumptions, it is to do keyword research.

Start your research with an old-fashioned brainstorming session. Also involve your current customers. Which topics do you want target group to find information during their customer journey ?

If you have a shortlist of good topics, you can investigate related search terms.

You want to know two things:

  • How much is being searched for on this term? (volume)
  • How high is the competition on this term? (competition)

You get the most return when you make good content for a search term with a high volume and low competition.

With a tool such as the Keyword Planner you will find more information about this.

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