Effective online marketing for startups

A brand remains under the customer radar or develops at best too slowly. Especially in the starting phase, this can mean the absence of sales. If online marketing is initially poorly created, it will cost you later. Here’s a guide to effective online marketing and on how to choose a suitable marketing agency in Bangalore?

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Sharpening the corporate identity

The problem sounds banal at first glance, but it is not. Few companies can say in three sentences what exactly they are doing and where the added value of their offer is. If the company profile is not communicated accurately, many marketing actions go nowhere because the crucial information is not communicated. This significantly slows down the development of a brand and incurs long-term costs as more budget is spent on a new customer.

First, it should be planned as precisely as possible, what the startup offers and what the advantage over existing service providers is. Core question: “What do I do and why should a client just take advantage of my performance?”

Although the orientation to the identity of a brand is a matter of course, priorities and own characteristics are often set only after a long development phase and the services offered remain so far spongy. The service catalog includes a lot more, but the execution can probably be better. With a precise market analysis in advance and the reflection of your own resources can, therefore, be saved a lot of development time and thus unnecessary costs.

Once this foundation has been established, a company can be successfully built on it. Corrections to own offerings and reactions to the market are normal, but the core must be right.

Corporate design and web project – blessing or curse in online marketing

An Opel is not a Porsche, the same applies contrary to expectations in web design. And that does not mean “just” the design or the user guidance. Since most marketing activities are inevitably bundled via the own website, a badly realized project means an immense destruction of time, budget and resources.

That’s because the conversion rate (Visitor becomes Customer) is basically worse for all activities or simply does not exist. As the Internet plays a key role in the reach and direct as well as indirect in sales, this core element should be given the greatest attention in online marketing. To avoid planning errors, the following factors should be considered:

Corporate Design

As can be seen in the many bad appearances in the middle class, the corporate design was given too little attention in many projects. As most people probably know, the corporate design should visualize the corporate identity, that is, the corporate identity.

Therefore, the corporate design should necessarily radiate the quality of the brand and is therefore at the same time the core of a successful web project. What can the brand convey in quality if the external presentation already speaks volumes? In practice, brand loyalty is lost and high costs are incurred if the corporate design has to be completely redeveloped after a successful start-up phase of the core business.

Planning and architecture

If the construction of a web project is not “google friendly” created over the years immense costs. The range will be significantly lower as the project remains invisible to most potential clients. As a result, less revenue is being generated online and, at the same time, link building costs and ads such as Google Adwords are rising dramatically.

Here, even with a small advertising budget, it’s easy to spend more than a few thousand euros more on a company per year or the brand stays under the customer’s radar. The investment in a professionally planned web project, therefore, pays off at short notice. In particular, since it makes sense in the start-up phase to run Google AdWords ads until the search engine optimization takes effect.

In essence, this means in project planning that the design and on-page optimization ( SEO ) for Google should take place in one unit. A well-designed project will be ineffective online if nobody is aware of it. Subsequently, it is usually very complex to reconcile design and content, if the basis is already wrong.

Content and user guidance

As a rule of thumb, well-crafted content with an icon system, paragraphs, individual imagery, color system, videos, or interactive applications makes up 30 to 50 percent of the overall design. Templates with a static head area, left-aligned navigation and long-running texts in the same structure should always be avoided, as nobody is prepared to read through the Internet with long texts.

Otherwise, the website simply does not serve its purpose, namely to generate customers. Through a clear and attractive information with the modern user interface, the information can be found quickly and the conversion rate will be much more successful. So it makes sense to create tailor-made content for the web project and not just think in the schema continuous text plus image.

Stay invisible or do SEO

In addition to a functioning design and the information processing of a website, a professional on-page optimization should definitely take place. The best offer is useless if it remains invisible to most people. In addition, over the years, huge cost savings can take place if the website is optimally prepared for Google. This basically includes the link building for the organic search (off-page optimization) and the orientation for the connection of advertisements like Google AdWords.

Alone the cost of AdWords can easily increase by 30 percent if no matching landing pages are created. With a circuit budget of 300 euros per month, that is already around 1,000 euros unnecessary extra costs per year. Link building is similar, but the additional costs are much higher and the problem runs through all other marketing actions.

Especially here, most web projects are inadequately positioned, because the realization of the website and the search engine optimization does not take place as one unit. As a result, web projects have to be completely rebuilt and a lot of time and money has been given away.

Ranking boost through networking and evaluation marketing

The website has been implemented professionally, the SEO measures have also been taken into account and now online can the first orders be generated? Almost, because at the start of the “only” for the clientele by personal acquisition . The internet presence should not have too many visitors, because the range is simply too low.

Google usually takes a while, depending on the industry and competition, until your offer is listed on the first page, if at all. Because only here can customers be automated and generate a significant number of customers. The first three to five places are to strive to provide a good click-through rate to reach (CTR).

Regionally, the organic search and the Google Places results after about six months often already work with a good on-page optimization of the website and continuous evaluation marketing. To do this, the web project must be networked after the launch in a mix of around 30 web catalogs.

These include pure link directories for Google, such as DMOZ, general press portals (for example, open PR), bookmark services such as Mister Wong and qualitative rating platforms such as Qype or Google yourself. An account on Google and a Google Places entry is always required, as here are the reviews from the different portals such as Qype or Yelp bundled. In addition, Google gets as much information about the company as possible, which is crucial for the ranking.

In many cases, these measures are already sufficient for a good Google ranking in the region, and in the medium term a large customer base can be built up in large cities, as there are enough prospects here. The best part is that the online engine runs at a manageable expense and attracts more and more potential customers every day. While the Google positioning continuously increases in parallel.

Of course, this development can be accelerated with link building, but the costs are then significantly higher. For supraregional terms or in structurally weak regions, however, the link building for a strong online presence is inevitable. Nevertheless, a sustainable networking of the web project and the continuous collecting of reviews cause miracles regarding the visibility on the Internet.

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