Best Places to Put Contact Forms in Website

The Contact Forms or Enquiry Forms are called Lead Generation Forms in Business Terms. Because these forms get the details of the user based on the interest the user has in your website or Business Landing Page. The UI/UX makes the user trust the website and makes him/her provide the details those we required to use in our business.

You need to make sure that You are making it very easy for the user to provide the details by placing contact forms an inappropriate place of the website in order to get more inquiries from the visitors.

In this article, we will show you up the best places to place the forms on your Website or Landing page

Get More Leads from Contact Forms

All Websites are evolving through the best practices to put more details about the business to visitors to get the good understanding of it. No matter which industry you belongs to:

  • A Business owner needs of customers
  • A sales guy require Leads
  • An eCommerce Store looking for maximum sales conversion
  • An R&D Team looking for client feedbacks.

The Website should be able to guide the user to scan through the page to get the idea to help the visitor understand what is about and what you’re looking from them.

best web design company practices the A/B testing for the better placement of forms and Contents with a Good Website designer.

You need to place a call to action buttons or pop-up forms or some sort of things to make your client guide through to fill the forms. The form can be anything as your business needs like newsletter form or inquiry form or even a SignUp Form.

So, How will you decide what is the best place and practice put the right form in right place? Well, Read on…

Here are some good place and practices to place many types of forms:

i) Side Bars

One of the easily readable positions of any web page is a sidebar. You can place any form over there with other contents or Menu Links to seek the visitors’ attention. How To articles or Blog posts have a high conversion rate for Sidebars but it’s not only limited to these.

You can get an advice from a web development company in Bangalore for this website enhancement. We focus worldwide from Bangalore.

ii) Contact Page

The name stands for itself, The Contact Page generally have contact information. By Placing Forms over there, We have a better probability to get the visitor filling the form as the Business contact details also provided explicitly.

But make sure that you are explaining clearly why the visitors have to give their details in the form. List your contact details including phone number, Address, and Emails.

iii) About Page

As you will be detailing about the Organization or Business – You are already gaining the trust of the visitor. Thus placing the Form here will also yield the results and attention of the visitor. You can place minimal forms such as contact or Newsletter here in the page in midst of the contents or in the sidebar or underneath of the page.

iv) Footer

Always try to place a newsletter form in the footer which is clearly visible to the visitor in all the pages. Forms with very minimal fields can go in the footer. Usually, the users will look for more link about the business in the footer, So if they could get periodic details about your business in the format of a newsletter, They are ready to invest the space for a form.

v) Sliding bars and Pop-Ups

The attention-seeking pop-ups or actionable items are always a good place to put a Form by making the visitor to enjoy more benefits like offers or secrets or tips. The visitors will be eager to receive these by filling a form if your actionable item is eye catch or having better Look and feel.

All these methods will surely help you to maximize lead generation. Please comment your thoughts and more findings. We will update our article if required. Thanks!

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