How To Download Youtube Videos Of Different Devices

If you own a smartphone and / or tablet installed with the Android operating system, you probably are no stranger to the fact that it is possible to do a lot of things with it. Alas, just watch a TV program or some videos on the web so that your data package (data mobile) go up in smoke without having time to say phew. In this article, we will explain how to no longer ruin your mobile internet package. How? Explaining the easiest way to download YouTube videos with Android so you can watch it when you do not have an internet connection. Then, this is also what a mobile serves … to be nomadic at all times. Otherwise, what’s the point in owning one?

YouTube video downloads: the rules and how to do it

Before you begin, here is some information to remember

When it comes to uploading YouTube content, it’s important to know the terms of use that are in Google’s online video hosting service charter. To quote them, here are the rules:

  • 1) “Internet users have the right to recover any legally published free work”, provided that there has been no circumvention of DRM strictly defined by art. L331-5 CPI (a protocol or a simple anti-leech device is not a DRM) and provided it is used privately. 
  • 2): “Legally formed agreements are the law of those who made them; they must above all respect the law and submit to it, in accordance with the principle of the hierarchy of legal norms. In other words, the conditions of use must, in case of conflict, bow to the law.

More explicitly, YouTube says – in the margins of French law – that you can take ownership of all types of content hosted on its platform, but only if it is free. That being said, YouTube does not condemn users who download content monetized by advertising or paying; through a subscription, provided – again – that you make a purely personal use. Once again, your actions – if they are illegal – will not be reflected on the site of AndroidPIT since we will have warned you under the law that is transcribed in the rules of use of the service of YouTube.

How to download a YouTube video with Android

Unlike other mobile operating systems that are more limited, the advantage of Android is its openness to the many possibilities / benefits we would have never suspected the existence of a second, finally if Apple had managed to drown the planet with its iOS. Fortunately, the people questioned themselves and did not let themselves go. Today, iOS is still there, but it must face fierce competition.

Starting from the fact that there are many possibilities available with Android and the solutions that surround it, you must then tell yourself that we should be able to offer you several alternatives that will allow you to download videos from YouTube to watch them from your mobile when you do not have a connection?

I will answer that this is the case, but I will confine myself to presenting you only one. The ultimate, the best? For me, it’s the best and the one that suits me the most after some time of use. If it does not work at home, do not worry because I will suggest three other alternatives to overcome this.

Without further ado, here’s how to download videos from YouTube with Android:

  • At first, we will activate the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. 
    If you do not know how to do this, here is a simple tutorial that will help you.
  • Then, go to the site to  download the OGYouTube app (below)
  • When the installation is complete, open the application directly. A message appears: 
    The warning message in question is important because it explains several points:

    • the first three messages concern the permissions requested by the application
    • the second is a request for permissions for the app to overlap with the original
    • the third are requests for access to internal memory and contacts.
  • Once this is done, open the YouTube video you want to download.
  • Below the video player, just click on the ‘Download’ option.
  • From there, a window appears. Click on ‘Video Quality’ to display the other formats.
    • And that’s it, then you just have to choose the desired format to then click on ‘Download’.
    • From there, a process that starts in the status bar will start the download.
    • When the download is finished, simply click on the file in the status bar 
      to play it. To find it, simply go to the ‘Download’ folder, 
      using a file manager such as Astro File Manager ( details ), as an example.

    If this app is not compatible with your Android device, here are three alternatives (including an open source):

    We now come to the end of this article, which we hope will have been useful to you. If you have other suggestions or other things to say / share, know that the comments are there for that. My greetings !

Use Of Keyword Revealer In SEO

Understand the intent behind the keywords to improve your conversion

It is repeated over and over again, SEO is the art of identifying the right keywords and “working” on the pages of its website. But what is a good keyword? The common answer, rebuttal: a query (a word, an expression) that the people we target type in Google, which has both a good search volume and a reasonable or weak competition.

This is a partial answer, and false because partial, which reveals a rather poor conception of SEO. Behind the keywords, there are the intentions. And they are the ones who matter. It is from them that we must go. What you target are not keywords, they are netizens with well-identified intentions. The keywords are a resultant. They only express an intention.

We will see why it is essential to be interested in the intentions hidden behind the famous “keywords”, why it is the best mindset to have if one became a SEO pro. Far from us the idea of ​​ejecting the “keywords” of SEO thinking. The purpose of this article is just to invite you to take a step back on them … to find the right ones and improve your organic traffic.

If you want to take a new turn in your SEO strategy, adopt new approaches, evolve your way of working your SEO, this article is yours. If you want to do SEO in a really smart and stimulating way, this article is for you.

Understand the intent behind the keywords to improve your conversion

It is repeated over and over again, SEO is the art of identifying the right keywords and “working” on the pages of its website. But what is a good keyword? The common answer, rebuttal: a query (a word, an expression) that the people we target type in Google, which has both a good search volume and a reasonable or weak competition.

This is a partial answer, and false because partial, which reveals a rather poor conception of SEO. Behind the keywords, there are the intentions. And they are the ones who matter. It is from them that we must go. What you target are not keywords, they are netizens with well-identified intentions. The keywords are a resultant. They only express an intention.

We will see why it is essential to be interested in the intentions hidden behind the famous “keywords”, why it is the best mindset to have if one became a SEO pro. Far from us the idea of ​​ejecting the “keywords” of SEO thinking. The purpose of this article is just to invite you to take a step back on them … to find the right ones and improve your organic traffic.

If you want to take a new turn in your SEO strategy, adopt new approaches, evolve your way of working your SEO, this article is yours. If you want to do SEO in a really smart and stimulating way, this article is for you.


The 4 main intentions hidden behind the keywords?
How to identify revealing keywords of an intention?
How to organize keywords to improve conversion?
The 4 main intentions hidden behind the keywords?

When a user types a questions into Google, he has an intention. He does it for a specific reason. What do we look for when we type a query in Google? What is the mindset of the user who types in a search engine? There are 4 main possible intentions, four psychological dispositions:

# 1 A commercial intention
When a person types “buy sneakers,” you would not take much risk by betting that she intends to buy a pair of sneakers. Likewise, a person who types “free delivery washing machine” into his search bar will most likely intend to buy a washing machine. Google queries that contain words like “buy”, “promotions”, “bargains”, “special offer”, “free delivery”, “discount code” are typically queries that reveal a strong intention to purchase the part of the Internet users.

# 2 An informational intention
A search engine also serves, quite simply, to search for information, to find information, to find answers to the questions that one asks oneself. Before being in a buyer’s state of mind, Internet users seek information about products and services. These netizens “researchers” are not a priori not ready to buy. They are not (yet) in this provision. At the moment, they are buyers. It would not be a good idea, probably, to try to sell things to them. It is too early. They are not advanced enough in their buying process, they are at the “awereness” stage of their “buyer journey” as the Anglo-Saxons say.

People looking for information on the internet use queries like:

Best ways to …
What does it mean ?
These are people who are questioning and do not yet know very well what product, what service could meet their needs, their challenges, their needs. If you target these kinds of queries, and therefore the Internet users in search of information, do not try to land them on landing pages on which you want to sell them products. They are not in this perspective. You would type hard, but beside. However, you can offer them quality informative content to develop their interest in your brand, offer them to download a white paper to collect their email addresses …

Be aware, the vast majority of search engine queries are made by people looking for information. Google is used first to search for information.

# 3 A “transactional” intention
Anglosaxons speak of “transactional intent”. In truth, it is quite difficult to translate this idea into French. Transactional intent lies somewhere between commercial intent and informational intent. The user plans to buy a product, he is ready to make his decision, but seeks advice and opinions to make a good choice. He has not made his decision yet. He needs to reassure himself before taking the plunge. He will certainly buy, because he has a real need to fill, a real challenge to overcome, or simply a desire (in B2C …). The person wants to buy but first wants to learn more.

Queries that reveal a transactional intent are of this type:

Notice …
Best …
Top 10 …
… vs …
# 4 The navigational queries
The navigational queries are the queries typed by people who want to learn about a specific brand, on a specific company. For example: “salesforce notice”. These requests are gold mines for companies. A user typing a query on the “[Company Name] + …” template is someone who, by definition, knows the business and knows exactly what they want.

With these kinds of queries, you need to make sure that:

Internet users who make these queries (those including the name of your company) will fall on the pages of your website in the search results.
Your website responds as effectively as possible to the questions surfers are asking.
For example, if a user types “sendinblue rates”, you must:

That the Sendinblue rates page is at the top of the Google results page.
That providing cheap rates Sendinblue really gives all the information that users can ask about Sendinblue’s rates.

How to identify revealing keywords of an intention?
In most cases, it is common sense to identify keywords that reveal an intention. In most cases, it is obvious whether a request is typed by someone who has a purchase intention or not. Someone who types “levis jeans history” probably does not intend to buy jeans, unlike the surfer who types “buy jean levis free delivery”. This is where we understand the importance of being interested in the intentions hidden behind the keywords. Because, in this case, the first request contains the key phrase “jean levis” … and yet it is not worth much from a basically commercial point of view … there is almost no chance that the person who type this query in Google buys one of your jeans.

For most queries, it is quite simple to define whether it reveals an intention to purchase, informational, transactional or “navigational” to use the terminology used (although a little barbaric …).

Google, to improve the relevance of its search engine, has been interested for more than 10 years in the intentions hidden behind the keywords. Today, he adapts his way of presenting the results according to the nature of the intention expressed in the research. For example, for a query with strong business intent, Google will first show Google Shopping results. So you only need to search Google to identify the intentions hidden behind the keywords. If the Google Shopping results appear at the top of the page on a given query, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a business intent on the part of the user.

Here are some examples of formats used by Google to display the results differently depending on the intentions:

The boxes located at the top of the results page, which give a simple answer to a simple question. When you type a keyword in Google and it shows you this kind of box at the top of the page, it’s an “informational” request.

How to organize keywords to improve conversion?
Interest in intentions should be an integral part of your keyword research. You must always keep in mind that you target people with specific intentions (buy, find out …) and not keywords! The keywords are only the revealers of intentions. Using this prism will help you improve the quality of your site content, customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

The first step is to organize key phrases by intent:

Keywords revealing an informational intention can give you ideas of content to produce on your site. The fact, for example, to look at the queries that appear in the box “Other questions asked” still allows to find plenty of ideas for articles to write.
The revealing keywords of a “transactional” intention also make it possible to find content ideas to write: product lists, comparative articles, an FAQ, tutorials, etc. These contents will improve your conversion tunnel.
For keywords revealing commercial intent, several actions are possible. You can improve your product pages to make them go up in Google. On this subject, discover our complete guide on the conception and the writing of the product sheets . You can also produce landing pages targeting the product or products you want to promote by working very specific keywords
“Navigation” keywords can reveal different types of intent. A strong commercial intention (for the “[company] + tariffs” requests for example) or, as is the case most often, a transactional intention: the user probably intends to buy a product or service of the company but needs additional information or advice before deciding.
You can then go further in the organization of keywords. Some keywords:

Can be used to create new content or new landing pages.
Can be used to enhance or update some existing pages.
Finally, last step, we advise you to organize your keywords by type of landing page. Attention by landing page we mean here the page to which is redirected (“lands”) a user who clicks on your link in the results of Google. When we say “type of landing page”, we must understand in practice “type of web page”. For informational or transactional requests, it is advisable to create pages of the type:

Blog posts: product lists, gift ideas, etc.
FAQ pages (especially if you have to do queries with navigation intent).
Glossaries (if you are in a sector with a lot of technical terms).
You can then use Excel or Google Spreadsheets to organize all your keywords. by intent, by action to be deployed, by type of landing page. Convinceandconvert offers a Google Sheet pretty well done to achieve this. To access it, it’s here . The table is downloadable free of charge. It’s up to you, of course, to adapt it as you wish.

The choice of keywords is essential. Focusing on the motives behind any keyword makes it possible, in our opinion, to make more judicious keyword choices and to create pages, contents that better match the expectations, needs and objectives of your keywords. potential customers. Considering this aspect of things will undoubtedly allow you to take a step forward and improve your marketing strategy. And above all: to build a smarter, smarter SEO strategy.


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What Is The Role Of SERP In SEO?

The SERP Bounce: the most underestimated positioning criterion?

The majority of articles dealing with positioning criteria do not even mention it, and yet, in my opinion, this is one of the most important positioning criteria and the sine qua non condition for the correct positioning of a page on search engines. .

The SERP Bounce

The SERP Bounce is the percentage of users who will click on a result present on the results page of a given query, then return to the same results page to choose another. The lower it is, the better you will be positioned.

The opposite could be the satisfaction rate of the result for a query, corresponding to the percentage of Internet users who will type this request and not return to the results page (the user is satisfied). The higher it is, the better you will be positioned.

Why would Google use the SERP Bounce in its algorithm?

Why not just use the bounce rate and visit time?

The SERP Bounce goes much further than the bounce rate, because it incorporates other dimensions that make it more relevant to classify results: the query typed by the user and the landing page.

Your page may be relevant and have a large bounce rate. This is the case of cooking recipes sites or music speech sites. On the other hand if someone searches the lyrics of a music, clicks on the first result, returns to the results page, clicks on the second result because he did not find what he was looking for (a video for sing along with music for example) and that the majority of Internet users do like him, the second result is very likely to pass in front, without additional link or internal optimization.

In the same way, if I search for the ingredients of the recipe for French toast, I will stay a few seconds on the recipe site and that does not detract from the relevance of the page.

So take a step back from these metrics that depend on each topic, each page, the path of the user before finding this page and the intention of the user.

This is an effective relevance criterion

Let’s do a survey. Put yourself in Google’s place, whose second goal after selling advertising, is to post the most relevant results in order to sell even more advertising in the long run.

In which order would you position these 5 pages with popularity and equal authority (in theory) on the request [motorcycle jacket]:

  1. The home page of a site that sells nothing directly but redirects users to Amazon and Ebay via affiliate links, with content optimized for keywords but that does not really help the user in his search motorcycle jacket
  2. The homepage of a guide / comparative of different types of motorcycle jackets and referring to different e-commerce sites via affiliate links
  3. The homepage of an e-commerce site offering all types of jackets (leather, synthetic) at all prices
  4. The homepage of an e-commerce website offering only high-end leather jackets
  5. A Wikipedia page on motorcycle jackets

I have not done a specific survey of bikers but I will bet that the order of these pages classified by SERP Bounce in an increasing way would be the following:

  1. The # 3, because it responds to the majority of Internet users who intend to buy (and it is a request with strong intention to purchase)
  2. The # 2 because it answers the majority of Internet users who would not have decided yet
  3. The # 1 below the other two because Google has no interest in positioning a site with no added value increasing the click of a click the course of the user
  4. The # 4 because it responds to a minority segment of Internet users typing this query
  5. The # 5 because despite the authority of Wikipedia, it is unlikely that the user is interested in encyclopedic information on motorcycle jackets …

It is a criterion of simple and inexpensive relevance

Technically, the recovery of these behavioral data is very simple and inexpensive compared to the cost associated with the development of an artificial intelligence. Google does not need to suck and peel all Chrome traffic to calculate it. And if it does, it’s for advertising profiling purpose, let’s stop the parano SEO two minutes!

Google can not rely solely on this criterion

If this criterion is so magical as that, one would wonder why Google would not drop its other positioning criteria such as HTTPS (lol) or inbound links, a criterion that it has so much trouble to stop manipulation?

Some elements of answer:

  • The site must be a minimum optimized for Google to understand what he is talking about.
  • Google must consider the site, one or two links directories are not enough to give him enough authority for Google to consider a minimum.
  • It must have a minimum of behavioral data to compute the Bounce SERP, and its results must still be relevant to queries that are typed for the first time or not typed.
  • Finally, when two sites are of equivalent quality, other criteria come into account: the quality of the links (authority) and the number (popularity) for example.

The question that everybody asks then: is it manipulable?

I will tend to say that yes, it is manipulable, but more complex and less legal (use of botnets) than links.

One could imagine that to guard against it, Google only collects the data of connected users with a natural activity (receiving emails, sending emails, regular navigation). It would avoid the majority of attempts to manipulate.

The simplest thing is still to influence it rather than try to manipulate it  by surpassing its competitors (call-to-action that makes you want, content of better quality, similar content to consult, answers to the needs of all Internet users, etc.). This is of real interest since these changes also positively impact your business.

This explains that…

Why you can not clean up your e-reputation

SERP BOUNCE! Who is not fond of sensational stories about a person or company whose name is being searched on Google? Nobody ! And that’s why these pages sometimes remain very long, despite a hard work of e-reputation. 
The solution ? Consolidate in advance the first page of results on your name with strong pages in authority, so that a simple negative article never arrives on the first page. If the news is repeated on several newspapers, it is a job lost in advance with the premium that these sites receive when Google detects a wave of news for a given topic.

Why is LinkedIn generally better positioned than Viadeo on a person’s name? (totally arbitrary finding)

SERP BOUNCE! You have to register to see someone’s Viadeo profile, unlike LinkedIn who displays at least some of the information … including the photo of the person. The latter therefore satisfies the majority of Internet users. Two simple results to decide for Google!

Why Google is better than Bing

If we forget the fact that Bing is published by Microsoft, the main reason why Google is better than Bing and any other engine is its overwhelming market share thanks to which it can accumulate a lot more user behavior data. and thus better exploit them to classify the results in a more precise and relevant way.

Let’s break some myths!

No, Google does not use data from Google Analytics or Chrome for its algorithm.

Not all sites use Google Analytics and calculating the Bounce SERP without this data is immensely simpler and less expensive. In addition, manipulating data from Google Analytics is a breeze.

Yes, you can position yourself with unnatural links.

What interest for Google to penalize a site more relevant than another? The final result is not to satisfy the user? Unless he wants to make an example of it, it is not really in his interest. And it is also why the big sanctioned sites come back in the good graces a few weeks after the penalty, despite a summary cleaning links. I am thinking in particular of the RapGenius case, a site of lyrics clearly better than the others (meaning of the lyrics, comments, videos, general user experience) that was penalized because a case of artificial link had become public and that Google had to act for appearances. The site was back 10 days after..

No, good links and a good internal structure are not enough.

Votre page doit répondre exactement à la requête de l’internaute. Par exemple, certains plombiers travaillant dans un ou deux arrondissements de Paris vont s’obstiner, à coup de milliers d’euros de SEO dans le vent, à essayer de se positionner sur la requête [plombier paris] alors qu’il est plus logique d’afficher prioritairement des societes intervenant dans tous les arrondissements ou des annuaires. Ce n’est pas ce qui manque.

Google is a robot, and will remain a robot. Certainly, it can detect quite easily when a text is duplicated or automatically generated and you downgrade it for that, but the world’s best link and a 2000 word text written by the best editor of the universe will have no effect if you do not do not respond to what the majority of Internet users are looking for. He understands the interest of your texts by analyzing the behavior of the user.

No, the number of clicks does not affect your positioning.

Do not make me say something I did not say! It’s the quality of the clicks that counts, not the quantity. Like the links actually. The result of this study of Moz is to be taken with tweezers, the majority of the participants having certainly clicked on the result requested.

No, loading time is not just about improving the number of crawled pages.

It’s secondary. The loading time mainly influences the user experience, as shown in this KissMetrics infographic . If your site is too slow, users will see another result and eventually it will negatively influence your positioning.

How to observe this phenomenon?

I observe this phenomenon since late 2011, the use of this criterion is particularly obvious in the following cases:

Daily fluctuations on “mark” queries

Did you think everyone would stop at the first result on a query containing the name of a site (“zalando”, “badoo”, etc.)? You are mistaken, even if the click rate is down following the passage of these pages to 7 results and the democratization of mega-sitelinks, a significant part of the traffic comes to sites under the official site. SERP Bounce is however catastrophic (unless the result is “shock” or “negative”), Google does not know what result to display. It is not uncommon to see the results of these queries change completely from one day to the next, with new pages being pushed overnight, as if Google could not do anything with this user data and was trying  new ones results in order to find a more relevant one.

The arrival of a disruptive result

Does a start-up hustle a market by dividing prices by two, or by approaching a market differently? If its site is positioned quickly on competitive queries, it is certainly not because of a hypothetical “premium freshness”. It’s just because what he’s offering is better than his competitors.

A concrete example

There was a time when I was editing dating sites. I had the idea to insert a free chat and without registration on all pages with a base common to all sites for more activity. Overnight, the average duration of a visit doubled, the bounce rate dropped sharply (and SERP Bounce has certainly dropped) and positions have risen sharply. 

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What You Should Know About Prepostseo

Steps Involved in Pre and Post SEO:

The SEO is through different techniques to promote the development of a site, a page in the top search results of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The task of a SEO or SEO agency goes through several types of SEO optimizations :

  • The technical optimization (SEO On-Site)
  • The development of a content strategy , the writing and optimization of these.
  • The implementation of a netlinking strategy .

This SEO work must be done with a long-term vision . Indeed, the benefits of SEO are noticeable after a while but lead to a real gain in visibility traffic , and conversion .

We will see how to reference his site and thus allow his company to sustain its activity on the web respecting the 3 pillars of SEO .

On-site SEO: optimizing the technique of your site

What is SEO On-site

First step for any website wishing to be referenced on the first page of Google: the technical optimization of the site (SEO On-site). This essential step aims to facilitate the reading of a website by search engines .

Why is technical SEO fundamental?

The technical optimization of a site is a step by which each website should pass. Without this work on the structure of the site , its tree structure , different meta tags (description, title, etc.), semantic markup redirection management , etc., search engines are not able to read, explore and correctly understand a site. Thus, the technical optimization of a site goes through several aspects:

  • Can Googlebots properly crawl the site?
  • Are pages indexed by Google relevant?
  • Is the architecture and structure of the site optimized?
  • Does the site meet the requirements for charging time, Google-required security HTTPS protocol ), mobile adaptability, etc.?

Without these good technical bases, all efforts of production of contents is vain, these last ones being not able to be understood correctly by the engine, they will not obtain an optimal positioning.

It is also advisable to conduct a regular monitoring of your site as well as a permanent watch in order to follow the evolution of the good practices and the updates of the Google algorithm. This work is essential in order to adapt its working methods to these changes.

Creation of content optimized for SEO

What is content marketing

The development of a content strategy , or content marketing, is to create content to improve the referencing of a site on targeted queries. This work involves writing quality content , with real added value for the user while meeting the technical requirements of search engines.

Why create a content strategy for your site?

The production of high value-added content makes it possible to position a site on targeted queries, in connection with its activity, in order to generate additional traffic and consequently conversions (lead generation, or turnover).

To do this, you must optimize your content creation to meet the needs of readers :

By creating relevant content, accurately answering their questions and accompanying them in their purchase process. We are talking here about the SEO commitment cycle. Indeed, Internet users go through several steps before moving to the act of purchase. These different stages of consumer thinking translate into several types of research:

  • The user has a need, so he will do research to collect information .
  • “Comparative” research, where the user will seek to determine what is the best solution to meet his needs.
  • Transactional searches, the user has found the solution to his problem, so he will now seek to move to the act of purchase.

Although it is important to speak to the user; it is essential to know how to address the search engines by optimizing its content :

This includes a semantic work of the text, an optimization all the more important because of the boom in voice research . The internal mesh (internal links) must also be the subject of a rigorous work, in order to facilitate the navigation of the search engine robots on the site. These optimizations allow Google and other engines to understand exactly what a content is about , and thus position it for the targeted query as well as the long tail .

Beyond the benefits of SEO your site in the SERPs, the creation of content will allow your company to establish a certain legitimacy in its sector of activity .

SEO Off-site: the netlinking, the notoriety of your website.

What is netlinking?

The netlinking is an SEO technique to get links pointing to their website, in view of improving its position in the SERP’s. There are 2 main practices in netlinking:

  • The generation of backlinks , by contacting other thematic sites.
  • The linkbaiting , or “fishing ties,” which consists, through content production with very high added value (guides, infographics, etc.) to acquire links naturally .

Some good practices must be respected in terms of netlinking, to avoid possible penalties from Google (Google Penguin):

  • Choose qualitative sites , having a similar theme and publishing quality content . When it comes to netlinking, always choose quality over quantity .
  • Some techniques of netlinking are to be avoided, like the setting of links in mass on the directories, in the spaces comments of the blogs and on the forums.
  • Take care to respect a certain regularity in the acquisition of links .
  • Do not multiply backlinks coming from the same domain name.
  • Do not over-optimize the anchors of the incoming links , we must take care to keep a typology as natural as possible in the profile of the anchors used.

Obviously, these incoming links must be in ” dofollow” , unlike the links having the attribute nofollow, a link “dofollow” transmits the “SEO juice”.

Why develop a netlinking strategy for your site?

The generation of backlinks is probably one of the most powerful referencing techniques . Used wisely and in accordance with best practices, links can represent real vectors of popularity for a website .

In addition, the advantages of netlinking are many:

  • The links bring additional traffic, the acquisition of site traffic increases, and therefore the conversion potential too.
  • The “power” transmitted by acquired links leads to a better positioning of pages on important queries.

In addition, we must keep in mind these 3 fundamental pillars of SEO when we want to choose his natural SEO agency . They must form the basis of all reflections on the strategy to adopt to obtain a good SEO by the search engines.

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What is PBN?

What are the PBNs and do they have a future?

What does PBN mean?

The PBN (Private Blog Network) is a private network of blogs that are all connected to a main website, the money site. The objective of this network of sites is to push the money site through its network of links, to ensure better visibility on Google. Although very tempting for SEOs and their customers, the PBN is a manipulation technique prohibited by Google. It should therefore be used with the utmost caution.

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How did PNB appear in SEO SEO?

Initially based on “on page” criteria, the search engines were easily manipulated by black hat SEOs who did not hesitate to provide them with content with keyword repetitions in their html codes.
Little by little, the engines have taken more into account the backlinks (inbound links) in their ranking criteria, as is the case for Google’s PageRank. This is how spam made its appearance with the creation of false links to deceive the engines.
Today, engine indexing methods are even more sophisticated and it is only natural that PBNs have stepped in to promote the key pages of a main site through a network of interconnected satellite sites and thereby establish authority on the web.

What are the different categories of PBN?

PBNs poor in content

These PBNs are reserved for black hat SEOs who aim for a short-term result, the most risky method being that of automatically generated sites. We then speak of industrialized PBN. The goal is to push the money site by increasing traffic, to the detriment of the quality of content. To do this, the referrer will reserve expired domain names and create sites that are poor in content but perfectly optimized for Google. They will create somehow the “link juice” to boost the visibility of the money site.
In this category, we can also include general blogs, built on expired domain names and which gather all kinds of information on very varied subjects and whose content is quite poor. The idea here is to push several money sites through these blogs filled with press releases. Each article will aim to boost this or that money site. It also happens that SEOs sell sponsored products through this type of blog to increase their profitability.

PBNs rich in content

These PBNs bring quality content and are more designed to appeal to users.
For example, the SEO will install a blog from a new domain name. He will then provide articles that are perfectly written and answer specific questions from users. A network of several sites of this kind can raise one or more money sites with great efficiency. Indeed, the quality of the articles will be enhanced by the search engines and will improve the visibility of the main sites.

Another type of site that can be used to create a PBN is the news site. Very responsive, because proposing at frequent intervals new articles related to the news, it encourages the user to come back often to keep informed. This allows to increase its traffic by retaining visitors, this approach is very effective but it takes a lot of time, especially to respond to comments from users. A network of news sites not only increases the visibility of a main site but it will also be very beneficial for its image.

Finally, the community sites types “forums”, “classifieds” or “file sharing” are again oriented “users”. They allow users of the same group to bring content themselves to these sites. The visitor generating content, can even become a real ambassador of the site through social networks. Again, this technique is particularly effective but a community manager will be needed to find new members and check daily messages sent by visitors.

Is this still a method that works?

Setting up a PBN can be very effective in the long term. Indeed, this technique allows a site to pass a course when its positioning caps. It is also a very flexible solution: the PBN is growing and evolving constantly to further improve its visibility on Google while falling through the cracks. As you will have understood, it is a practice that can work if it is used with the greatest care and if it is implemented in a spirit of responsibility towards yourself and your customers.

What are the risks ?

The main difficulty of a PBN is not to be questioned by Google. It will have to scramble the tracks so that Google does not detect the deception and understands the purpose of the links that unite the sites between them. Hence the interest of hiding these links so that the PBN is not recognized as such by Google. The risk is high because if the subterfuge is discovered, the collateral damage may be significant. In the same way that Google had launched Penguin to track down fake links, then stopped the wave of Nofollow attributes used until 2009 to scuttle PageRank, it seems obvious that it will do everything to flush out PBN and punish them severely .
However, note that it is not so much the support of the links created that will attract the attention of Google but rather its anchoring. Be careful therefore outbound hyperlinks.

How to create a clean and responsible PBN?

When you decide to create a PBN, whether for your own sites or for a customer’s, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved and to use this technique subtly.

Notify your customers of the risks involved

If you create PBNs for your own sites, you are solely responsible for the consequences if Google detects them.
If you work with customers who pay you for SEO linking service, you can offer them to create a PBN, but in this case, it is imperative to keep them informed of the risks associated with this type of practice. So your client will apply his SEO strategy with full knowledge of the facts. Charge the referencer to warn that in case of punishment on a site, Google will classify it in a spam folder that will demote it automatically and the slightest difference, the sentence will be more radical. And in this case, it is the customer alone who will be held responsible and not the SEO.

Choose the right PBN strategy

We saw a little earlier the different categories of sites that can be used to build a PBN. We do not recommend content-poor site strategies because, while easy to implement and effective in the short term, they are also the most risky for you or your customers.
The longer and more complex to implement, the qualitative PBN strategies (news blogs, community blogs, etc.), will bring you more durable results and less easily detectable by Google. For example, an effective PBN will mix different types of sites for the same money site (a forum, a news site, several thematic information sites, etc.).
These PBNs are clearly designed in the interest of the user through high value-added content. They allow to generate qualified traffic to the main site and represent a more interesting option in the long term.
In conclusion, we recommend you to be particularly demanding in the way of designing a PBN. Its effectiveness will depend on a responsible content strategy developed for the benefit of Internet users.

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How Can I Get Google Certification For SEO

Oyez, see. I, undersigned Gabrielle Denis, director of Editoile, am now certified Google Analytics! This certification, awarded directly by Google, validates my knowledge of this tool that allows to analyze website statistics.

This “certification” is not really one in the sense of the regulation of diplomas in USA, but it has a commercial impact on prospects and customers who regularly ask you if you are “Google SEO certified”. There you have a diploma paper to show them with your name and the Google logo on it. This can also strengthen your resume if you are looking for a job.

If you also want to get this Google Analytics certification , which is free, online and easy to succeed with a little work, I’ll explain how I went step by step.

1. Take Google Analytics Academy courses
First of all, I started with the free online courses of the Google Analytics Academy . Just have a Gmail account to connect to.

I sincerely recommend these video lessons! Very progressive, the learning curriculum includes several educational modules:

Google Analytics for beginners
Advanced Google Analytics Course
Get started with Google Analytics 360 (Update July 7, 2018: This tool will soon be part of the Google Marketing Platform)
Google Tag Manager basics
Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions (select “US English (EN_US)” at the bottom right of the screen to display this last course)
Each module is divided into 3 or 4 units. Each unit includes several videos, step-by-step demonstrations of the tool, links to resources, and Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQs).

Rest assured: no need to speak fluently English to follow the training. While videos and demos are produced in English, they are subtitled in French. Everything else is written in French, including text transcripts of videos (very useful for editing).

If you want to go further or deepen some concepts, you can click on the links at the end of each chapter that link to pages in the Google Analytics Help Center .

Frankly, this training has taught me a lot of things about Google Analytics, as I have been practicing this free website measurement tool for years .

Training is free and online, without prerequisites. It is enough “to register and to motivate oneself! 🙂

2. Evaluate your knowledge, always on Google Analytics Academy
At the end of each exercise, you can take an assessment quiz in French, with 10 more or less complex questions. At least 80% of correct answers must be obtained to validate the unit. This evaluation is not very difficult to succeed because it can be repeated as many times as you want (with the same questions).

If you pass all the evaluations of a module, you get a kind of “certificate of achievement” that “certifies that you have successfully completed the Google Analytics course”. Strangely, we can not download it in pdf, just take a screenshot.

You can view this certificate, valid for one year, in your private profile on Google Analytics Academy. Unfortunately, it does not have an “official” URL accessible to everyone online. Its reinsurance value with customers is therefore limited, since it is not verifiable by a third party.

3. Place Google Analytics Individual Qualification on Academy for Ads
To be truly Google Analytics certified, that is, to obtain the Google Analytics IQ (Individual Qualification) , you must pass another exam on another brand new website: Academy for Ads . Previously, this review was done on Google Partners (MAJ July 7, 2018).

Once you’ve earned the Google Analytic Academy Certificate of Achievement, sign in with your Gmail account at Academy for Ads to retest. Good to know: You do not need to have taken all the modules of Google Analytics Academy to succeed: only the first two modules are required for the exam.

This MCQ is a little more complicated to obtain than the previous ones … It is necessary to answer 70 questions in a limited time (90 minutes anyway) and to get at least 80% of the right answers. If we miss it, we can iron it but only after a fortnight.

We then obtain a certification valid for 18 months. Unluckily, it is no longer possible to share a link to its accreditation, as was previously possible in Google Partners. You can not share a public URL to your certification on your LinkedIn profile or website. It’s a shame!

We can still download a pdf ” Google Analytics Qualification Individual SEO Certification,” oddly called “Completion Award” in the interface. This document mentions your name, the date of the exam, a “completion number” and the validity period, with the Google logo.

In all, it took me about three weeks to complete all the course modules and take the exam, half an hour to an hour a day.

4. Or take a “Mastering Google Analytics” course in Bordeaux
And if you prefer a more classical training in face-to-face with a human being, know that I added a training “Mastering Google Analytics” to the catalog of Editorial Academy, our training organization. Yes, we also have our academy, but with “i.e.” at the end.

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Is Small SEO Tools legit? Genius Tips to help your SEO

What Are The Best Small SEO Tools? And are those legit?

Running a website is all about claiming the major part of people’s attention online and soundly claiming the online presence. With the enhancement of world communication, advanced strategies are used to be in top ranks. The content of the website decides the flawlessness of it and thereby ensuring capturing the attention of the people. The small SEO tools are playing the most important role. This article will guide the readers about the effective use of the small SEO tools and the legalities involved with it. Here are some of the best tools which are a must for every SEOer:

small seo tools

  • Plagiarism Checker the best small tool used for SEO:

Plagiarism is not always intentional, and at times this can also happen coincidentally. This can create a bad impression on the minds of the readers. To have technically fresh content, this tool is quite helpful.

  • Rank Checker: A tool gives us motivation:

You can use this feature of the small SEO tools to know the rank of the website that you are putting an effort in. The rank of the website can be checked in comparison with the specific country, and at the same time, one can even check it in comparison with the world.

  • Keyword suggestion the foundational tool for SEO:

As the keywords are the very foundation of the content and they are going to decide whether the content will trend in the search engine. This is used to get a proper keyword suggestion.

  • DA checker:

This is a tool that demonstrates the performance of the website on the search engine.

  • Page authority checker:

This tool is quite similar to the DA checker, and the only difference is this tool demonstrates how well the article would perform.

  • Grammarly:

This helps to create the content and make them grammatical error free.

  • Backlink checker:

This helps to ensure better ranks of the website. The results can use for the enhancement of the content on the website. This is an important tool that can help connect with the other bloggers, and the availability of the unwanted links can also be checked to the fullest.

  • Broken link checker:

The content can attain fame if there are no flaws in it. The tools are meant to make the content free of flaws. The tool can let one know the availability of the broken links. Thus, this can also be a tool that can come to help by fixing the issue.

Legality of the small SEO tools

Most of the offers of the small SEO tools are legit and especially the plagiarism checker is legit. This helps in the optimization of the articles so that the content of the website can have an elevated rank. The optimization of the articles is done accordingly. Some of them are freely available, and people can access it freely, and at the same time, they are functional as well. Thus, the small SEO tools are legit

So these are some of the tools of the Small SEO Tools that helps in the effective creation of the effective creation of the content, and this is the reason why this is always recommended to choose the Small SEO Tools.

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Hope this article has helped you shortlisting the best small tools to improve your seo? If you haveany questions or need any help/suggession please do write is at [email protected] and don’t forget to leave your commets!


20 Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Offline Marketing In 2019-20 (Infographic)

In current days and the generation where internet and digital media have dominated our lives, so we are unable to do marketing with offline marketing and not feasible for companies to stay away from digital marketing platforms when concerned with promoting their products and services. With the offline and digital marketing discussion going on everywhere, let us decide out what is most appropriate for the marketing and development of your business. Online advertising and offline advertising could appear like a hard decision to make but these points will assist you to make up your mind clear.

Offline marketing is the traditional modes of marketing that have been used since the inception of marketing and advertisements. Offline marketing is treated with advertisements on radio, posters, television, flyers, hoardings, magazines and newspapers.

Digital marketing is the most influential, powerful, important and innovative form of marketing for the growth of your business. It is the greatest method to reach your potential customers. It could be from Google search, social media marketing services, email marketing, and online advertising or pay per click advertising.

Online marketing is more adaptable than offline marketing, though all the types look alike. Now we discuss the benefits of digital marketing and share 20 advantages of digital marketing over offline marketing given below:

Quick and Convenient Marketing:

Digital marketing is quick and convenient marketing when we compared to offline marketing because, at beginning an online marketing campaign, you can actually operate your business anytime a day without having to worry about store hours or overtime payments for digital marketer and staff. Digital marketing is allowing convenient online access to your companies or products or services also is convenient for your possible customers. As more and more customers throughout the world depend on the Internet for everything from purchasing, entertainment to research and education. As a merchant, this is a huge advantage, as it means they can order online right from the support of their home, besides you can easily track sales items online as they make their way into delivery. You can download digital commodities from the internet with simply a click of a mouse also easy to hire a digital marketing company today and many companies providing digital marketing services in Bangalore itself.

Low Cost for Operations:

Low cost of operations is a crucial advantage of online marketing. The beginning cost of online marketing is only a small amount when it will be compared to newspaper, Yellow Pages, television and radio advertisements cost. For instance, you can receive a local free listing on Google My Business that will be just as powerful as a costly online Yellow Pages advertisement. Besides, while offline advertisement may only run for a small time, a search engine optimization campaign (SEO) can produce long-term results besides you can save lot of money with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising where it is easy to experiment with small advertisement volumes until you perfect your tactics and then increase your online marketing budget and Nowadays you have many PPC company in Bangalore. Huge advertising prices for both visual and print media can be replaced for more effective and minimal costs by following online marketing by building flourishing online marketing.

Targeted Advertising:

When you are going to market in online, you get the chance to reach your valuable audience based on their class, demographic and geographic. You can decide what kind of people going to focus on the online marketing you want to offer your products or services to customers, besides getting a chance to run targeted marketing campaigns at a large scale is one of the greatest opportunities available to online marketers today. Because the more important to provide an offer or product or services is to a potential customer. The targeted audience is one of the crucial digital marketing advantages.

Easy to Handle Existing Customer:

If you know your target customer’s marketing method, you can recognize the optimal time for a particular offer. With following existing customers’ actions, you will be ready to build a purchasing method funnel. In your offer sales first, you need to intimate your existing customer. In this process, digital marketing is very simple through email marketing and bulk SMS you can send huge numbers of emails and SMS to your existing customer within simply mouse click through these things easy to handle your existing customers.

Easy to Change with Reliable Technology:

In digital marketing, the digital marketer is following some technologies, changing some technologies and switching technologies. It is impossible to avoid a need to change something in your marketing campaign. But the good news is businesses and online marketing when compared to offline marketing, digital marketing is so much easier to change with reliable technology. The technology that powers the web is reliable. But, better yet, it is becoming better and more sophisticated every day. Delivery of newsletter campaign marketing is instant and, as long as you have the proper address, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is going to reach its destination.

Trackable and Measurable Results:

Digital media platforms are being favored by a growing number of companies because the campaigns can be tracked and the results are measurable by the digital marketing advertisers. They obtain insights into how leads are generated and prospects are responding to the campaigns. In addition, they get knowledge on the campaigns that are effective and can also recognize the shortcomings of their businesses. Moreover, they can ascertain if their organizational goals are being met, and if not then they come to realize that then need to reconstruct their future digital marketing and SEO strategies respectively. Is it not great to spend on digital marketing campaign whose results can be measured? Digital marketing allows you to see the measures in real time and presents you a wonderful opportunity to refine the strategy and improve the results

Long-term and Immediate Exposure:

Reach many prospects by shifting to a digital marketing operation within a very small investment of your business.  You can get long-term and immediate results by practicing digital marketing. Digital marketing begins up opportunities with an international platform for businesses because even a single digital marketing campaign can be seen worldwide. This is one of the best things in digital marketing and businesses. Costs of starting a campaign against offline marketing methods are considerably very less. However, one should see it as a long-term investment and can also choose Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also you can see huge numbers of SEO agencies Bangalore that provide best SEO services.

Brand Development and Publicity:

Brand development is what every business strives to achieve and digital marketing accommodates promote your brand by digital marketing services on numerous platforms, the higher viral your brand performs, the higher reputation your brand will get in the eyes of search engines as well as users. Quicker publicity due to the immediate and real-time results of digital marketing, you can receive immediate publicity. If you don’t get quick publicity and brand development, you know at least spontaneously that this particular digital marketing technology is not working for your business so you can switch immediately.

Marketing 24/7:

In online marketing, you can operate campaigns throughout the clock. It means you are operating digital marketing campaigns anytime (24/7). Compared to offline marketing, digital marketing does not restrain anyone with availability time. Meanwhile, you need not worry about more money pay to your digital marketer or staff. Besides, there is no local or global time variation for you to bother on that will influence the reachability or availability of your digital marketing campaigns. Whenever someone turns on his or her computer or mobile and connects to the internet, there is a higher possibility of them viewing your digital marketing campaigns and customers can see for your product at their most convenient time.

Schedule Future Campaigns:

Digital marketing self-regulation tools make staying regulated easily and properly by allowing you to schedule your campaigns and social media posts advanced in time. While this functionality has been throughout since the early days of newsletter campaigns, bulk SMS and social media marketing, the attached benefit of running this from a marketing self-regulation tool are that you can simply schedule various posts to different segments of your customers, based on information in the CRM system you could, for instance, list five small alterations to five different fragments of your customers, all a bit more personalized to their needs and interests.

Greater engagement with Customers:

By offline marketing, you cannot actually communicate with your target customer. You require waiting out for the customer responses to proceed in before you can organize your further action. This is a lengthy and wearisome process for offline marketer and businesses. Digital marketing permits you to involve your customer in real time and immediate. You can chat, teach and explain a lot about your brand or business with the actual customer instantly. Really, this requires more commitment from your side as well. You want to be prepared to invest that much time into the digital marketing budget.


Mostly, lots of people avoid getting phone calls and emails in his or her post boxes about the products and services towards which they have the smallest movement. Digital marketing services present astonishing chances to opt out; they are surely less interfering than offline marketing media. You can decide to neglect that email and SMS as long as you want. You can decide to opt out of social media discussions on a particular brand page. You can also target interested customers on the social networking sites grasp a tab on what they look for on the internet.

Data Collection:

After every digital marketing campaigns and transaction through the internet lets, you collect data easily about your campaigns. It will help your next digital marketing campaigns. Whenever a purchaser purchases something through your website, you get his or her data very clear. You can utilize this data in a lot of ways, but it is most powerful when it is examined to determine what you can do to fine-tune your business. The data collected can also assist to divide the segment of customers so your business can post advertisements and promotional materials based on their interests.

Huge Number of Digital Marketing Companies:

Digital marketing companies in Bangalore and worldwide are expanded to nearly all the sectors. The potential of digital marketing provides geophysical barriers to die to make all customers and companies on the world potential customers and businesses, besides a country with a quickly growing economy; it is expected to have a very high significant growth in the digital marketing career. So you can hire easily a digital marketer and digital marketing company. Here I will suggest, Arkidoweb Consulting is a best online marketing company in Bangalore also providing content writing services in Bangalore as well.

Connect with Mobile Customers:

Today, most of the people are using the smartphone and using the internet on his or her smartphone so you just cannot neglect the numerous number of smartphone users. All of them should be your target customer if you want to develop your business across the world. It is not the same as sending SMS and making calls. It is fully about using the most outstanding applications that an enormous number of Smartphone users use. You can advertise advertisements to promote your products and services. Besides, your business’s official website should be responsive that means fitted to open all devices. Today all of the website design companies go with the responsive website based on search engine algorithms.

Automated Marketing:

Just a click, you can run your whole business in digital marketing with an automated tool. When compared with offline marketing, where you must assign various duties to the best sources and talents, digital marketing will apply the latest technology. Also, digital marketing provides you with the chance to transform every appearance of your business’s methods into a fully automated system. All you want to do is determine the right tool and technology appropriate to your digital marketing campaigns whatever you are done. With automating your digital marketing campaign, you can decide to do something more important with your business.

Wider Reachability:

A company can earn much more publicity on the internet as opposed to broadcasting on television and radio stations that may only be accessible in particular areas and only be viewed by or listened to by a comparatively tiny group of people. One of the advantages of digital marketing over offline marketing is that the former is more far-reaching than the latter. The avenues of digitized technologies are available to any internet or mobile user, unlike the conventional modes which are extremely restricting. For the mobile user, you must develop your website as the responsive mobile website.

Time Effective Marketing:

Compared with offline marketing or traditional marketing, digital marketing is to initiate, run, and implement very easily so it is time and staff effective marketing. The digital marketing tools are run automatically, also have a drag and drop interface, allowing you to build email campaigns, landing pages, and social campaigns with no technical or design expertise required. You can set up email marketing for your business within a short time. Within a couple of minutes, you can set up an autoresponder and generate an email marketing list for your valuable business.

Immediate Transaction:

Doing transaction activities in digital marketing is very easy and almost immediate payment transaction for products and services getting from customers. For this purpose, we have lots of online payment gateways for the immediate transaction so it is one of the major benefits of digital marketing.

Focus Globally:

One of the highest benefits of digital marketing within several months of being proactive with SEO, you can have millions of users and reach an enormous customer all around the world. Besides, you have found many SEO experts in Bangalore and worldwide. The world has turned into a global village. All type of business made pleasant through digitization. Digital marketing provides advertisement campaigns to be visible in all part of the world. This provides small start-ups with the occasional opportunity to perform global through the extensive publicity provided. On the internet, you have read many stories of start-ups that became hugely prosperous over a short period due to the opportunities generated gratitude to the global nature of marketing through digital platforms.

For a small business with fewer budgets to spend on marketing activities can use digital marketing to target the narrow group of customers and focus heavily on them. Digital marketing offers a wide range of options to market your business to potential customers. Nowadays all business must have digital visibility and cannot be left behind as it affects the online and offline customers.

Obtain the Best Digital Marketing Package from CairoCorps Consulting:

CairoCorps Consulting is a complete web development & design, SEO and digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India. We provide creative digital solutions to bring your products and services to a wider public. With our branding and user-centered design, customers are engaged and brand awareness grows. Our impressive client list trusts us to deliver creative, interactive experiences for their customers across the whole range of web and mobile applications.

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Importance Of Web Design

The current day a lot of businessmen is spending huge money on their web design process and digital marketing. Behind this have many reasons I found some businessmen they are running their business through the website only that is why they are spending huge money on website design process besides they are spending huge money on digital marketing includes SEO, PPC, Bulk SMS, newsletter campaigns and etc… In this article, I am going to discuss the importance of web design for business, blogger, NGOs, and anything.
While we come to highlight your online presence, If you run a business or sell a service or product, it is highly paramount that the quality and prices of respective products or services. Importance of web design is based on the penetration of smartphone, computer, internet, and electronic devices there are many things that you want to put into great consideration. Anything does this really indicate to online marketers? Fundamentally, the act of building your online presence in the market does not simply finish by just designing a basic website for your business or company. besides, you must adopt some digital marketing strategy includes SEO, PPC, SMM, Bulk SMS, and newsletter campaign to boost your business. We are considering the only website is the main tool of digital marketing that is without website we cant move further that is all.

We can see today a lot of startups striving to build their foot in the market. Nevertheless, it is a painful fact that several of them lose to reach as much targeted audience as they expect in the first place. Which brings them for losing? It is mainly because they undervalue the capability of a created website to earn business for them. Website development for startups plans can demonstrate very fruitful. You must consider your website should be an asset. Let us look at some of the important reasons why a website is important for business growth.

Some of The Importance of Web Design

As a businessman, you must to know where are your customers. There are various factors that lead to a successful online presence in the market. But before going on any further, let’s know first How exactly important web design is it?

24/7 Accessibility

When we arrive up with a startup or business plan and initially Everyone establishes a physical office or store for your company, through that you might get audience throughout the daytime or when you are there. People are quite busy with their daily life So, Visiting Your office is not possible for everyone. If you hold a website for your business strategy as an online forum, there is a huge chance of getting a lot of audiences online to link up with you. This has happened because people are piped up with internet in day and night. People prefer to get into everything the easy way with good quality is possible. Your website has some content with all the basic information and data. They will be able to access website 24/7.

Increase in Mobile Usage

All studies are come out regards mobile usages of today reflected huge increasing trends. It is proving a real surge in mobile usage. The usability of 4G has also influenced how people use their mobile devices. then, it was reported that two-thirds of people had a smartphone, with most of the internet users admitting their smartphone was the most important device for going online. All are spent twice as long online on our smartphones than laptops or personal computers. Many studies are demonstrating just how many people browse on their smartphones and tablets instead of a laptop or desktop computer. This highlighted an exciting turn in smartphone users so through a web design company to get a responsive website immediately.

Penetration of Internet

Above half of the world’s people is now online, with the latest study revealing that almost a quarter of a billion new internet users came online for the first time in 2017. While comparing in India’s metropolitan cities around 80% of people using internet some of the studies are showing this results so this is a good time to go online otherwise never survive in your business to choose the best digital marketing company for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Over 650 million websites and another 51 million added each year, there is huge online competition for your services or products. We looked at several ways to make your website stand out aesthetically, but there are also ways to help it stand out on search engines. Search engine visibility is very important to your website because most of the businessmen are getting leads through google’s visibility. Being on the first page of search engine search for your services is crucial to your online conversions. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is which assist your website rank well with search engines. Hire is an SEO company that can be performed SEO services on your website. An important factor you should consider when developing a website it should SEO friendly websites.

Looking for Web Design Company in Bangalore?

These are some of the importance of web design for your business. Web design is not just designing a good looking website, it should be user-friendly. a website is an asset of your business If you are not having a website contact us for prices. you have any suggestion regarding this post let us know…

Content Management System Used By Web Design Company

Welcome to the Modern world with amazing technologies. Most of the time peoples busy using technologies. Everyone expecting everything in their hand. Even technology gave that too. nowadays everyone having some kind of gadgets in their pockets. It’s entirely changed their life. They look at the online and get to know which services, products are the best in the market. If someone has a website for his or her business is giving more return to them for making more business and more money. Attracting and powerful websites giving more traffic to your websites. More traffic more business. Hope you much heard about content management system. For creating attracting website choose the best web designing company.

Create and maintaining a website is an overwhelming task for every business when we don’t have much knowledge in the content management system and don’t have a web development team. But the most defective thing is outdated information’s can cost a company in many ways. The good solution we need to maintain the website will depend on good CMS.

All the websites come with a content management system. It means we have full access to modify the content, images and all at day and night. Just log in to the website and do the changes on our own. All the websites come with an ample amount of training so don’t worry about it. Mostly we are using WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Drupal. These are all the most effective Content Management Systems in the current periods.

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a web application that makes us modify the content and images easily. No need of any technical knowledge for access this. The user can easily build websites, streamline the web publishing procedure and deployed easily. We can create content-rich websites. Many open source CMS look easier but technically its need more development effort, they work on it and deploy it and customize the website. Then only they will create a suitable CMS for your requirements.

Arkidoweb CMS developers have vast expertise in a lot of CMS platforms. So they will give a good solution for all your requirements. they build amazing websites and CMS. If you need any content management system requirements to ask India’s Largest web development company in Bangalore. Learn more about web development click here.

Arkidoweb have large of experience to develop websites and web applications, they also use most of the Open Source  Content Management Systems like Joomla!, WordPress, Mambo, Drupal, osCommerce, DotNetNuke and Pligg CMS. Pick your suitable one for your business

Brief about Content Management Systems

The website design is no longer limited to static HTML pages. Nowadays businesses have to deal with daily basis so the information’s are increasing daily. Updating a static site is taking more time, we need to enter the coding part and change the contents if we do this definitely we need to know some technical knowledge. Its take much time and a lot of manpower required. This what we are using a content management gives the solution without wasting any time and not needed any technical knowledge as well.

A content management system (CMS) handles all your dynamic content and website needs from an easy to use backend solution. CMS developed websites are easy to maintain, update with better and simple control panel. Which ultimately amplified your productivity and most importantly you don’t have to be technically professional to do required changes.

CMS handles all the dynamic contents and websites needs from back-end solution. CMS makes the websites are easy to use and maintain, updates with better and simple control panel. It obviously increases productivity and definitely, you don’t need any technical knowledge to change the website contents. We can update daily basis.

If your business running by using a simple static website don’t worry switch your website as a dynamic one. Are you looking for a technical person support daily for changing the content means it is a huge burden? Take a good step to move into a Dynamic website with Arkidoweb. Dynamic websites have come with a lot of highly functional, responsive web design and Content Management System too.

Know something about Static and Dynamic website differents


Companies provide the following CMS design and development services.

  • Web content management services
  • Component content management systems
  • Enterprise content management systems
  • Corporate CMS
  • Joomla Development
  • WordPress Design and Integration
  • Magneto ecommerce CMS

Why companies are giving more preference to CMS than other website development services?

Some of the given features make the companies choose CMS. It gives more features. Have a look below

  • SEO friendly website – Search engine perform in a friendly way good for user and search engines, If our websites are supported SEO we can do some Search engine Optimizing works and come first in the search engines. Its automatically give more business and growth.
  • Multiple languages – If we run the business all over the world we should keep the website in multiple languages. Then only our customers join with us easily. So we should provide the languages by their location, Its possible in Dynamic websites.
  • Social Media Integrations – We can make our website as social friendly which gives more useful things. We can fully leverage of leading social platform like facebook, twitter and lot more. If we are more active in social media it also gives more business. Ask how
  • Customization – Customization is one of the best features comes with CMS developed websites. We don’t worry about the updates coming in future.

Arkidoweb is one of the leading web design company in Bangalore. we create full fledge CMS enabled websites and we give proper training to update the content and images by your own. We give an effective content management system with full features. Please contact us to know more about our open source Content Management Systems.