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Lalbagh, Red Garden, or Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a famous botanical garden located in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Hyder Ali in Mysore ruled the nursery. It has a famous glass house and exhibits fruit flowering during the Independence Day and Republic Day each year. Apart from being a martyr and a lake, this is a tourist attraction in Bangalore.


In 1760, Hyder Ali proposed to construct this Botanical Garden. But his son, Tippu Sultan, completed it. Hyder Ali decided to build the park in the manner of the Mughal Gardens that he enjoyed during his tenure. Hyderali has planned to do this great botanical project, and his son imported plants and trees from several countries and increased horticultural wealth. Hyder Ali hired people of the best known horticultural community in this garden.
The Lalbagh Garden was constructed from the 18th century and years later, India has the first grass-clock and an extensive collection of rare trees in these suburbs. In 1874, Lalbagh had an area. In 1889, the eastern part was added to 30 acres. In 1891, along with a rock containing Kempegowda Tower, 13 acres and 1894 combined an additional 94 acres of eastern rock.

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The glass house is a Crystal Palace model in London, which was laid by Prince Albert Victor on November 30, 1898. It was built by James Cameron, the supervisor after the Lalbagh.

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There are four gates to come to the Lal Bagh Park. Their details are:

West gate

The gate of the west of Lal Bagh
It is located near the Siddapura circle. Walking through this gate allows you to enjoy the beauty of the garden. The outside wall of the enclosure is bounded by the wall of the compound wall. Another part of the road is the RV College’s compound wall. From the entrance to the National College, Maharashtra Mahila Vidyalaya, small mallalli and big malls. At the same time, Krishnarao Circle, Indian Institute of Technology of World Culture, Model House Street, Yudur Terminus.

East gate
This is a great way to park vehicles in this area as well. The Ashoka pillar is easily accessible from Jayanagar.

South Gate
Basavangudi can be accessed from the south gate.

North door
This is a great way. This is the only way through which the program can come. If you go straight to the Glass House, the large crowd of vehicles enters this route through large events. After the completion of the program, you have to leave this route.

A special parking system around Lal Bagh

Bangalore, Oct 10: A unique parking facility has been set up at the backdrop of the Independence Day celebration at Lal Bagh in Bamako. The traffic police have taken action to control traffic and traffic around Lal Bagh.

The festival will begin from Aug. 7 at Lal Bagh and will be held till the 15th of this month. Most people are coming to Lal Bagh in the backdrop of a three-day row vacation. So a special parking service has been started.

The two-wheeler parking system, which is located on the front of the Lala Bagh Waste Gate Circle, is currently being removed from the public’s good fortune. This particular parking facility will be available around Lal Bagh till the 15th.

Parking details
* Car parking facility on both sides of the road from Lal Wagh Westgate to Sheshama Mahal Junction on Vanvilas Road.

* Dv Chakravana Park can be parked on the left side of the road from Lal Bagh Westgate circle to Milk Booth Junction on NMK Rao Road.

* Car parking system from Milk Booth Junction to Nashik Road to Lal Bagh West Gate.

This unique parking system has started from Friday and will continue till that 15th. The particular parking system will be canceled after the completion of the fertilizer.

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