Advanced Knowledge In SEO And Value-Added Services

As a final recommendation to identify if you are going to do or are making an intelligent investment in your SEO strategy, you should know what knowledge is considered more advanced in this area, best seo agency in bangalore.

For example, if you have a team that knows all the features and reports of Google Analytics and Google AdWords correctly, you can rest assured, because they are two fundamental pieces in the project and have a lot to scratch.

On the other hand, there are more advanced tools such as SEO Profiler, which not all SEO professionals usually use, but which, nevertheless, is hugely demanded by companies to take advantage of their investment.

Also, some additional services also ensure the continuous improvement in the time of search engine positioning, such as:

  1. The regular contribution of updated keywords reports expanding the market in search of more and better business opportunities.
  2. The controlled monitoring of organic positions (both own and competitors).

2 Key Success Factors: Keyword Analysis And Link Building

Advanced Knowledge In SEO dAnd Value-Added ServicesOf all the stages involved in following an effective SEO strategy, those that I consider the most ” sensitive,” because of its strong influence on the results, are the analysis or study of keywords, as well as the actions of link building.

How to determine which are the most recommendable keywords in your market?
What keywords have you already used and which ones have you not tapped yet?
For what words do you have the possibility of competing and which ones are unfeasible given your high competence?

These are some of the questions that have to be solved before starting with an SEO strategy, and can only be answered after sweeping the entire potential market.

For this, it is necessary to have the knowledge and experience to understand the logical processes and search patterns of users, as well as knowing the target market (usually controlled by the owner of the business in question).

Now you will ask; ” And the link building strategy? Why is it so important? ” It is complicated because, in addition to requiring a settling time to start generating remarkable results, it also needs one’s capacity to negotiate with other digital brands willing to collaborate, as well as other factors. Among them:

  1. The behavior of direct competitors (what parallel strategies are being followed to achieve positioning).
  2. The effectiveness of the type of link (not all work the same).
  3. The kind of link that can pose a risk to the web.
  4. The relevance of the topics dealt with in the external pages.
  5. The word or phrase (anchor-text) from which it is linked.
  6. The organic authority of the sites from which it is linked.

These are just some of the most relevant factors that come to my mind, but there is a long list of others, given that each market is different and, therefore, each SEO strategy also.

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